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Report On What Is Hospitality Hospitality can be referred to as the disposition or trait of welcoming and taking care of visitors and guests in an affectionate, warm and kind manner. In today’s world hospitality is seldomly a subject of survival and shelter; instead it is more linked with entertainment and good manners. Nevertheless, it yet implies showing consideration for an individual’s guests, offering for their requirements and caring for them in a respectable way. According to Clayton W. Barrows “the word hospitality is derived from hospice, the term for a medieval house of rest for travelers and pilgrims” As an Irish saying states “it is in the shelter of each other that people live”, we can conceive that the concept of being hospitable towards each other has been alive since the start of the humankind as it encompasses the main principles and ethics of humans.

As Leslie A. Hay states “I have discovered a deeper understanding of hospitality and the integral part it plays in the relationship between the director and the directed. This expanded understanding of hospitality, briefly defined as welcoming presence, is for me the heart of spiritual direction. ” Ethoses of different countries differ in the degree to which an individual is likely to be hospitable to strangers, in contrast to the guests they are acquainted with.

According to letty M. Russell “both philoxenia and Latin hostes imply a reciprocal relationship of give and take, meaning host and guest sometimes exchange roles” Hospitality entail the formation of a healthy society and encourages love and a sense of harmony between the individuals. As Susan Jeffers states “we are not simply machines trying to reach a destination.

We are hearts and souls vibrantly connected to everyone and everything around us each moment every day. ” Therefore we can conclude that hospitality encourages an association that come forward for the reason that an individual has been victorious in incorporating one’s own self with actuality and centers one’s life in quest of the God’s will. So when analyzing hospitality three ideas form in the mind; association, integration and acquiring will of the God. As Bonaventura M Balige states “hospitality is fundamentally, a virtue that broadens our insight into our relationship to our fellow human beings. ” Another aspect is that hospitality is most of the times referred to the industry of hospitality which includes employment in restaurants, hotels, casinos, clubs, resorts etc that are basically concerned with providing services for the tourists.

On the other hand, hospitality is moreover, the deed of liberally offering kindness and consideration to anybody who needs it. This also includes the hospitals which are also derived from the word hospitality. Being hospitable towards each other promotes unity that is necessary to form a harmony in the world.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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