Essays on What Is Juvenile Delinquency Assignment

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The paper "What Is Juvenile Delinquency" is a great example of an assignment on social science. Juvenile Delinquency can in very simply words be defined as an illegal act committed by a person who cannot legally be defined as an adult due to being of less age. Punishment for juveniles involved in crime is often different from that which would have been to given to adults if they were to carry out a similar act.   The main question that this seeks to answer is whether the society puts substantial emphasis on preventing juveniles from taking part in a crime or not.

According to the United Nations Guidelines for the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency, it is the responsibility of an entire society to put joint efforts to ensure that adolescents are given an environment to harmoniously develop, as that is the only way of putting them away from becoming Juvenile Delinquents (Shoemaker). The guidelines shed light on the importance of equal educational opportunities so that adolescents can distinguish between what is right and wrong. The guidelines also point out towards that fact that young people should not merely be taken as objects of control, but rather have an active role in society and its development. The society does without any doubt put an emphasis on preventing juvenile crime; however having said that it one should also be understood that while knowledge and guidance can always be imparted, the acceptance or application of it always lies in the hand of the party at the receiving end.

Similarly, while society has historically and will always put an emphasis on preventing juvenile crime, it is also in the hands of juveniles to take the lesson from their seniors and apply them in real life for their own benefit.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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