Essays on What is the Proper Place of Ethics in the World of Business Admission/Application Essay

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 Ethics has long been considered a viable exercise to undertake within the business world and due to the related reasons it has had importance within the domains of decision making and distinct business philosophies. Ethics is that branch of business philosophy which focuses a great deal on the human values which are required in the smooth conducting of business processes, tasks and actions. The ethical domains are judged on the basis of their correctness or the lack thereof. This paints a pretty clear picture of what it means to undertake ethical decisions.

It would be fairly easy to come up with the right verdict if thought is put into proper action. There is only one flaw in respect to this hypothesis; it does not always work. Within the competitive world of commerce, the code of ethics is indeed the code taken or applied by different business institutions which eventually guides in the working and controlling of that corresponding work area. The code of ethics gives an overview of the responsibility and steps taken for the betterment of the working bodies.

There are some codes, for which there are no penalties if any violation occurs. With respect to a business point of view, a code of ethics is usually a proper testimonial of the corresponding business organization containing its rules and issues. It is not astonishing that there is a large variety of code of ethics. Codes of ethics are written by different cluster of people for different cluster of people. Each cluster of people has its own reasons and goals on setting these codes. Managing the people is the domain of the manager and if or she does not fulfill the requirements as laid down in the book (governed by the company or the business itself), then this person has no right whatsoever to be remarked as the manager of the company’s individual units and entities.

Morality and the demonstration of ethics run deep in an organization’s ability to exhibit the best of skills and abilities with the people, no matter where they hail from or come in contact with the company itself. It is definitive to understand that not all the deeds of an organization are remarked as clean and fair – instead some of these are hidden from the common knowledge of even the workers working towards their motivational levels.

Business policies and practices need to be aligned in such a way that ethical constraints do not come directly in the face of the very same. This demands a strict adherence towards professionalism as the same has to remain the buzzword within such ethical domains. Thus it is in line with the office level hierarchy and this must remain the case since there is no alternative for workplace discipline and ethics. My personal experiences suggest me that ethical decisions have always been seen from a dignified level and the people employing such practices within the business realms are respected for their forthrightness and honesty.

I have endeavored long and hard to discern the intricacies related with the ethical norms and behaviors and I have never been let down by the strengths that ethics to the world of business offers. Word Count: 545

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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