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What was San Augustine trying to achieve in his work, The of God? Why was this important to him? What arguments were made? What are the implications for any regime with a large Christian population? Name: Professor: Course: Date: What San Augustine wanted to achieve in the city of God? The main aim of san Augustine was to persuade the pagans. He saw that the inhabitants of the city had become so ungodly and wanted to show them that God was in control of the city. He was also trying to defend the Christians who lived in the city.

The Christians used to receive much criticism from the pagans, which influenced St Augustine to rise for the sake of Christianity. He had the urge to encourage people to repent as Christ had shown them many favors, and they were not appreciating. He had a determination to prove Christianity right as the pagans were blaspheming accusing Christians of the attack by Goths in the reign of Alaric (Augustine, & Dyson, 1998). Importance of, the city of God to San Augustine The city of God was important to St Augustine, as it did not show any discrimination to any individual or race.

Even murders went to inhabit in the city whereas they could not stay in their cities. The city was a blessed nation according to St Augustine, which made him treasure the city (Augustine, & Dyson, 1998). Arguments made He argued that even the Romans who the barbarians spared due to respect for Christ also become enemies of Christ. There was increased pride and insult from the pagans who insulted Christians and through they were safe in the name of Christ from their enemies (Augustine, & Dyson, 1998). Implications of large Christian population in a regime Regimes with large number of Christians pose many advantages as well as challenges.

First, there is peace in these areas. In addition, respect for humanity is key to Christians hence respect among the inhabitants is high. A regime with a large number of Christians faces a lot of criticism hence enmity by other religions (Augustine, & Dyson, 1998). ReferencesAugustine, & Dyson, R. W. (1998). The city of God against the pagans. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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