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What’s Normal, Anyway? The of the What’s Normal, Anyway? Mental health is extremely important for every human in the world. In this respect, there is an obvious question, namely: what is mental health? Our strong belief is that psychological health of any person is defined by his or her normal psychic reactions to different life conditions and situations, which may be even of harmful nature. In other words, mentally healthy people are constituted by psychical equilibrium that leads to the state of well-being with its capabilities of self-manifestation, self-realization and self-development.

So, among the basis attributes of a mentally healthy person are a sound response, healthy behavior and desire of personal improvement, both physical and mental one. To our mind, there is the only one weak point of such a viewpoint, that is, the notion of norm as well as the concept of sound behavior is somewhat abstract or subjective, since they are determined by social norms, which can vary not only in different cases but also in minds of numerous people. Consequently, abnormality can be determined in a subjective way as well.

In fact, ones there has happened a casus perceived by everybody around as odd or abnormal behavior in public. The thing is that a guy had hit a Coca-Cola dispenser with such strength that it has rocked forward and backward and has almost fallen down. Obviously, such a conduct has been seen as a manifestation of groundless aggression with further making a diagnosis of a mood disorder with its peaks and valleys. Anyway, that action has been a display of social nonconformity, for it doesn’t fit or meet social expectations of people.

Only situational context gives the answer for such an act: that very Coca-Cola dispenser has taken money and hasn’t given the drink the fifth time in a week. So, there has been a particular reason, at least in the mind of that young man. Taking into consideration all the types of therapies, there is a cognitive therapy, which most appeal to our perception, as it addresses psychological issues in a positive key of thinking, while a medical therapy is seen as least appealing, for it uses medical methods of treatment instead of putting emphasis on psychotherapy (Wadsworth, 2013).

  To sum it up, mental health is an essential part of human wellness. It is determined by social standards and norms, so its concept can be seen in a somewhat subjective way. Anyway, analysis of behavior and appropriate treatment add to understanding of an issue and its improvement, whether it is needed. ReferencesWadsworth. (2013). Psychological Disorders. Therapies. Text modules 60 – 69.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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