Essays on Trade Name and a Trade Mark Coursework

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The paper "Trade Name and a Trade Mark" is a great example of marketing coursework.   There are a number of people that close contact has to be maintained mainly when the domain is being registered. Registration comprises of these groups of individuals. First is the registrant who is legally the owner of the domain. In many cases, business owners grant the web developers to be the owners of the domain which is not recommended (convention, 1982). Administrative contact in this case is someone who has full authority in the business to change the domain record.

It is not necessary he/she be an owner but that person who has been entitled to the position of authority at the business. In some cases, the web developer is always indicated. There is also a person who is in charge of any technical problems that may arise within the domain and is called the technical contact. An organization with a good network of administrators, IT personnel will be assigned with the duty of dealing with technicalities. It is recommendable that a person who is in charge of these technicalities should be within the business payroll (Susan & Dennis, 2003). More often there are mistakes that are repeatedly done thus leading to permanent loss of domain.

Those that are at great risk are those with multiple domain names. Bearing in mind that Importance of selecting a specific domain name for planned e-Commerce site It is vital to select a good domain as part of the web based business plan. The Domain name shows the customer who one is and directions on how you can be found on the net. It is the heart of your identity on the internet and since no two entities can bear the exact same URL address, it is wholly distinct to you.

Normally owners of businesses assume a lot when deciding on the domain name for their businesses. One should bear in mind that the shortcoming of choosing an ineffective name for the domain could be just a blow as choosing a wrong geographical location if you were to begin a cultural material store. Hence one ought to dedicate at least as much concentration to your choice of a domain name as you would the postal address of a physical shop location (Susan & Dennis, 2003).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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