Essays on Strategic Intelligence: The Intelligence Cycle Assignment

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The paper "Strategic Intelligence: The Intelligence Cycle" is a wonderful example of an assignment on the military. Before answering how the intelligence cycle should work it is reasonable to answer how the intelligence cycle usually works. The intelligence circle often works the way which is considered the most effective when decision-makers initiate the issuance of requirements which then turns into collection, interpretation, and analysis of the information achieved. This method of intelligence cycle work is the most traditional and the most reliable and it is based on the preliminary information and the situation in the state assessment.

However, it presupposes that intelligence managers are initiative and control the regularity of concerns received from police on all the levels. The choice of information is explained by the overall situation in the world and in the country in particular (Johnson, 2007). However, this method leaves intelligence certain gaps of information for the intelligence and the most important that detecting those gaps is impossible without achieving the information from police consumers themselves (Johnson, 2007). Unfortunately, this way of intelligence cycle is not very popular because citizens often consider that intelligence agency is able to alarm their problems, and it is true but still, prevention works better than the elimination of the problem.

In many cases policy consumers themselves are able to express their requirements to intelligence managers: they can share with their worries or point to the directions in which intelligence should work. And it concerns citizens leaving n the territory of the country as well those living abroad. This method can be very effective and reliable if a certain basis for information reporting is created and I mean easy and effective systems such as the one created online to which everyone can have access without problems but still be protected.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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