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The paper "Whitbread Plc Environmental Reporting" is an outstanding example of a finance and accounting assignment. Environmental reporting simply is a description of the different ways companies divulge information regarding their environmental activities. Therefore, Whitbread environmental report should be composed of two categories; mandatory disclosure which requires it to disclose pollutants according to the authorities in charge and the other category is voluntary disclosure whereby the company reports any environmental information voluntarily to the public (Brophy and Starkey, 2007). The mandatory scheme presents a potent incentive for Whitbread to trim down its toxic release. The Whitbread environmental reporting should therefore include an introductory statement which states the company name, sector, main and side activities, environmental authority and licensed aspects (KPMG, 2008).

There should also be a management report which explains deviation from last year’ s account and choice of environmental data, health and safety issue. Finally, according to Jones (2008), environmental data should be included and this should touch on energy, water and raw material consumption by Whitbread Plc, facts about pollutants to water air and soil. Social Reporting Just like many a few other companies, Whitbread Plc should be transparent about the social impact of its business activities.

By doing social reports Whitbread Plc is in a position to examine key social risks and opportunities in the perspective of its business operation (Brophy and Starkey, 2007). Therefore, Whitbread social report should consider the following aspects; where the company is, where the company has been and where the company is going.     In the report there should be an assurance to the consumers about the ethical implication of their purchase, an assurance to the investor about the safety of their investment as social risks are taken care of, the communities as well civil society organizations should be assured of the safety of their social relations and environment and finally the employees should be assured of the safety of the company they offer their services for (EPA, 2009).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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