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The paper "Who Are Companies Doing Business in Dubai Deal with Talent" is a good example of a business case study.   The current trends of the rising and emerging multinational corporations have indicated a pool of resources especially dedicated to the development of talent management systems of the organizations in order to identify and develop the coming generation leaders who have fallen out of sync with the company demands. The HR executives often have to confront the issue of creating and retaining the workforce and be able to present the importance of talent management to the top leaders. Companies which are highly confident to face any sort of disruptions in future don't just manage talent but also believe in constructing their own talent factories.

The following discussion relates to one of the top companies in Dubai who acknowledges the worth of talent promotion in order to sustain them in such a fiercely competitive world. Before moving forward in the discussion about the in-depth interviews conducted in the most successful companies it’ s important to know the essence of Talent management in the current market scenario.

People in an organization are costly and are considered to be the most critical and crucial factor for the success of any organization. By retaining and polishing the employees, the firm not only retains the capability to effectively impart services but you also prolong the intangibles such as the capacity for innovation, the channels for productivity enhancements in future and refining client and community satisfaction as well. The challenge today lies in getting the job done as employees have a different perspective in viewing the job unlike the conventional methods where promotions were linked to incentives (Knowledge Infusion, 2006) but the current market profile aims for ‘ hire for attitude, train for skill’ , being proactive in offering employees a better work and life balance, promotion of a sense of intricate deeper causes, professional development and constant growth in all aspects, assuring the right of equity to all employees, building trusts and avoiding ‘ one size fits all’ approach, in order to forge ahead with the talent management recognition ( Wayne W, retrieved on 10th November 2008). The importance of talent management can be judged from the fact that products and services can be easily duplicated, imitated or emulated but innovation, improvement, advancement, creation, execution, and knowledge can in no manner be replaced.

The accumulated talent of an organization is the prime source of its ability to effectively compete and stand out in the race (Knowledge Infusion, 2006). In the new era, competition is global and comprehensive, availability of capital is no issue at all, the technological advancements have shrunk the timeline or span of new product development and people are on the threshold of grabbing opportunities, under such circumstances, it becomes utmost important to refocus on the strategic issues and render Talent Management the topmost priority in order to drive higher value for the organization in the long run. Talent exploration and refinement have become a mandate for organizations that seek to take on a competitive edge through their human capital assets (Knowledge Infusion, 2006) and improving workforce performance steadily and progressively.


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