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Whole food store Job tittles Job Pay structure A Safe food retail team member 9 B Assistant customer care personnel 8 C Assistant store leader 7 D Associate team leader 5 E Cleaning and maintenance officer 10 F Team manager 2 G Assistant team manager 6 H supervisor 3 I Clearing and marketing personnel 4 Key 10-lowest paid> 2-highest paid Question 1 I would not like any part my payment to be attached to group performance.

The reason behind this is because performance of the group does not mean that every individual in the group performed poorly. Therefore, individual performance is the best method to use in summing up the payments as individual efforts are recognized and accessed in coming up with the total salary.

When a person is accessed individually he/she is motivated to work hard to prevent the salary from being cut as a result of poor performance (Milkovich, Newman & Gerhart, 2010). Question 2 Performance appraisal is effective depending on the data that is kept by the top management or consultants and the error that is made by the management. Effective performance appraisal gives the overall performance of the person in terms of total outcomes of the labor and contribution of the individual to the organization. This data can be used in determining the total compensation that the person deserves.

This data is also used in making decision concerning the need to employ new personnel in the organization to fill the gap between the goal set and goals achieved. It can be used also to make decision to promote, demote or add more compensation to the individual (Milkovich, Newman & Gerhart, 2010). Common rating error Among these common rating errors, one that I have came across is leniency error. This error is committed by the manager as a method of avoiding conflicts.

Managers award the employees high marks in order to retain a good relationship with them and also look good. The manager aim is to retain a good reputation among the employees as giving them low rating could demoralize them. He is therefore, forced to award high marks to even employees whose performance is poor. This therefore makes the performance appraisal not to reflect the exact performance of the person. Rating the employees lowly could reduce the spirit of hard work as those who are lowly rated will feel not appreciated enough therefore become demoralized.

On the other hand rating the employees highly would reduce their hard work as they will relax and not perform their duty to the maximum (Milkovich, Newman & Gerhart, 2010). Question 3 It is true that some top management do not deserve the payment they receive. Instead this compensation needs to be distributed to the low level employees. This is because the low ranked employees perform almost all the work and leave the top management to only make the final decisions e. g. approving the decision through signing documents.

As a result the payment is supposed to be distributed according to the work done and not the position in the organization (Milkovich, Newman & Gerhart, 2010). Question 4 The compensation that I would select if I am given an assignment is one based on my own performance. This is because I will be able to monitor my performance and estimate expected returns from the assignment. The country to choose is United Kingdom. This is because the country has well outlined methods of collecting data making it possible to conduct the assignment basing my work on the available secondary data. Reference Milkovich, G., Newman, J., Gerhart, B.

(2010). Compensation. McGraw-Hill

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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