Essays on Why Not Eat Insects by Marcel Dicke Movie Review

The paper "Why Not Eat Insects? by Marcel Dicke" is an excellent example of a movie review on biology. Marcel Dicke in the Video “Why not eat insects” s that that 80% of the world’s animals walk on six legs; therefore, they are insects (Dicke). In the world’s biodiversity, there are 6 million species of insects. This leads to the assertion that the world is a planet of insects and not humans since they are more abundant than humans. 

Dicke argues that insects are significant contributors to the economy, even though people may not be aware of the fact; insects contribute free of charge towards developing the economy. Therefore, insects are not only contributors to the economy but also major delicacies in various parts of the world such as China (Dicke). However, while people in some parts knowingly consume insects as part of their daily diet, almost all people in the world consume insects unknowingly. This occurs because food processing makes use of products that are derived from insects. Therefore, food additives such as natural dyes are produced by insects. This means that insects contribute on a large scale to feeding the world’s population.
Dicke observes that the world population is increasing dramatically; hence, there is a corresponding increase in the demand for food. Therefore, insects offer the only solution to the escalating global food problem. In addition, insects have a higher nutrient content in comparison to regular protein sources. Therefore, he argues that it is more economical to invest in insect production than investing in other forms of food. Evidently, 70% of the global agricultural land is used for livestock production (Dicke). This land would be significant enough to produce insects to feed the entire world.
Already over 80% of the world’s population are eating insects; therefore, the remaining 20% should follow suit (Dicke). All that is required is changing perceptions and mindsets in as far as insects are concerned. A number of entrepreneurs have already taken up serving insects as delicacies in their restaurants; hence, kick-starting the road towards a world that values insects as a primary source of nutrition.