Essays on British and American Forces in the First Years of the American Revolution Essay

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The paper "British and American Forces in the First Years of the American Revolution" is a good example of an essay on history. This essay analyzes the main strengths and weaknesses of American and British forces during the American Revolution.   Despite the superiority of British military forces in the 18th century, the Americans were able to win the war “ for their rights, their independence, and their liberty” (“ The American Revolution. ” ). How did this happen? What helped the American nation to prevail over the British Empire, the dominant European power? There were many reasons for such an outcome.

Both sides had advantages and disadvantages. In April 1775, when the war started, the odds were against American forces. Britain had a larger population, trained and experienced army, allies, and wealth. According to “ The American Revolution. ” , “ Britain’ s military was the best in the world. Their soldiers were well equipped, well-disciplined, and well-fed. ” Funds were used to hire mercenaries from other countries to fight the Americans. What is more, most Americans did not want to fight, and they were hoping to settle all controversial issues peacefully.

British Empire maintained its position until 1777. But American leaders were qualified, clever and high-principled. The battle of Saratoga was crucial. It helped the Patriots to retreat and increase their forces. Also, in early 1778, France recognized American independence and became an ally. The war got more expensive “ and the British population debated its necessity” (“ The American Revolution. ” ). Soldiers were tired and far from home. “ Military orders, troops, and supplies sometimes took months to reach their destinations” (“ The American Revolution. ” ). It all offered hope and courage to continue the struggle for independence.

In conclusion, it should be said that Americans showed their strength of will and powerful faith. Despite all the difficulties, they sustained the Revolution and won the war.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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