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IntroductionStrategic management and leadership provide the direction, vision and purpose for growth and context for success of the organization. The concept is used by senior managers and directors of an organization who have personal inspiration and authority to translate the organizational strategy into effective performance. Senior managers build on skills in strategic management and leadership which help them to focus on the requirements needed to achieve the organizational strategy. The management team of Virgin Atlantic was required to develop their experience and skills as leaders. The executive team recognized the need to create a strong leadership team that could lighten the work for directors and quickly respond to novel business opportunities.

This leadership was to be based on developing excellence from within other than external recruitment. The leadership development programme was established around the stated business manifesto of growing the company into a profitable airline which individuals love to fly and where individuals love to work. The leadership development programme was aimed at equipping the teams which leadership skills which could enable them to express a strategic vision for the company and to effectively manage and motivate employees to attain this vision.

Task 1Analytical discussions of the link between strategic management and leadership based on Virgin AtlanticStrategic management is a systematic analysis of factors linked with competitors and the company itself to offer the basis for maintaining optimum management practices. It is a goal oriented management whereby the planned achievements and mission of a company are clearly established and all management procedures are designed and monitored toward achieving the overall goals of the organization. Strategic management process helps organizations to recognize what they plan to attain and how they will accomplish outcomes (Morden, 2007). The management team of Virgin Atlantic recognized that in order to meet the organizational goals, it needed to develop experience and skills as leaders.

Strategic management focuses on establishing a foundation that will help the company to capitalize on opportunities and it is the task of a leader to plan the business at highest level possible. Leadership entails setting of a new vision or direction that a group is supposed to follow, while management directs or controls resources or people in a group in accordance to values or principles that have already been established by a leader.

The Executive team of Virgin Atlantic recognized the need to develop a strong leadership team to lighten the work of directors and respond quickly to new business opportunities. Strategic leadership utilizes strategy in management of the employees and has the potential to affect organizational members and to implement organizational change. The major objective of strategic leadership is strategic productivity, development of an atmosphere in which workers forecast the needs of the organization in the context of their own work (Adair, 2010).

The Virgin Atlantic leadership identified the traits that made the organization successful in the past, which enabled them to establish what the company needed so as to guarantee future success and the traits that would propel the change in which Virgin Atlantic operates. A leadership profile was created, summarized by principles like aggressively focusing on profit, delivery of basics, be adventurous and bold, inspiring and engaging employees and ensuring great people are able to perform great work.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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