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Summary of the report This is a report has carried out an extensive review of the materials that are available in regard to the subject of learning. There are many different approaches in that try to explain how the process of learning takes place and how individuals tend to acquire the required experiences that complete the process of learning. As a result of reviewing available resources concerning the subject of learning, the report has analyzed a few of the many approaches that try to explain the processes of learning. The report has further discussed and tried to explain in detail how the various learning theories have impacted on the processes of learning and development design.

The role that they have played in shaping the learning environment has also been discussed under the corresponding theoryThe leitch review has also been discussed in this report. The key salient features that were advocated by the report have been highlighted. Work place learning has also been dealt with in this report. The evolution of learning in the work place within the last five years since the publication of the leitch report has also been dealt with in the report.

Introduction Learning is a term that can be defined in many different ways. According to Burns (1995) learning is the relative permanent change in behavior whereby behavior is used to refer to any activity that is observable and that takes place internally for example thinking, reasoning, attitudes and emotions in general. Motivation is also part of learning according to Burns. Burn also concludes that learning is not likely to show or manifest itself in any way until the program that is supposed to reinforce it has taken place.

The program that is supposed to reinforce it may involve an instruction or educational program. As a result of this definition; we can identify many different theories that do talk about learning. The theories also have impacts on the evolution of learning and development design in many different ways. Aims and objectives of this report As a result of their being many different approaches that are directed towards the study of learning, this report has an aim of reviewing them and discussing them in relation to the main topic of learning.

This report will also discuss and come up with points that show the impacts that the theories have had on learning and on development design Through the already published research, the report will discuss on how learning has evolved in the work place over the last five years since the publication of the Leitch review. Literature review, Analysis and DiscussionLearning theories: There are many different learning theories. This report will particularly deal with the following theories in order to answer the questions of the study fully. Behaviorism theoryCognitive dissonance theorySocial learning theoryGestalt theory of learningConnectionismCognitive theory Constructivist school of thoughtLateral thinkingFacilitation theoryReinforcement learning theoryHumanistic theory of learning.

Review of the theories Behaviorism theory The theory is attributed to Watson who was a Psychologist at Johns Hopkins University.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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