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The paper “ Current Impact and Future of New Public Service Management” is a persuasive example of the term paper on management. In the UK and New Zealand, in the early 1980s, an innovative idea and notion for public management came into existence which was popular as New Public Management (NPM). This concept of management is related to the advancements and developments in the public sector. Its actual purpose is to organize the necessary modifications and variations in a company and the way the government acts. There are several features associated with the philosophy of NPM.

The main areas of concern are managing the yield, the origination of market and the quasi-market systems, conventional bureaucratic organizations, customer-based services, and the devolution of management rights (Hood 1991, OECD 1995). Hogget in 1991 with almost the same viewpoint for the NPM shared that the novel systems for public sector managers need to be elastic in accordance with the production methodologies and human capital planning (Hoggett 1991). He further emphasized the alternative production processes that are not focused on the centralized industrial bureaucracy, rather they should be based on those production techniques and arrangements of an organization that is internally and externally decentralized units (Hoggett, 1991). In UK economic problems like high rates of inflation and unemployment and stern criticism against the efficiency and quality of public services has increased the pressure exerted on the UK government.

Prime Minister Thatcher was a committed woman who had a clear idea about what she wanted to do and how she wanted to promote beneficial and positive changes in the government. The NPM movement became more and more popular and as a result the Clinton Administration in America adopted this movement in the early 1990s. Although America had a balanced economy at that time, still it was facing a lot of problems in the civil services identical to the ones in UK.

The NPM movement took form in Vice President Al Gore’ s 1993 “ National Performance Review” under the slogan of “ reinventing government” . The position of the public sector was being questioned because of problems such as accumulated debt and extreme external environmental change recognized by the OECD (1995) as “ deregulation and internationalization” and the government was being pressurized to change the management of the public sector.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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