Essays on Work And Organisational Change 1 Assignment

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Riley, J 2012, Change Management: Types of Change, retrieved on 12th January 2012, available at: http: //www. tutor2u. net/business/strategy/change_types. html181.0 IntroductionThis study is geared towards presenting a full scenario of organizational change at 4 Star Lakeside Hall Hotel, situated at shores of Windermere in the English Lake District. This is after it had emerged that after operating for several years, the hotel was facing some very serious problems with regard to management which warranted for change. According to Lee (2008, pg 1), management of change in an organization is almost an inevitable thing in the current world of business in which circumstances have continued to change.

Change therefore is taken as an initiative to help the business to counter any forces that may impact on the business negatively and also take advantage of any opportunities that may be emerging as result of changing circumstances in the business environment. To have such a focus, requires the business to be very committed and more so from the staff perspective which has a central role in implementing the suggested change. In change management according to Erstad (1997, pg.

325), empowerment is also an approach that is used by the business in undertaking change. This is used to refer to the process of creating an environment whereby the employees including the management are enabled to make certain decisions which they consider constructive and can impact positively on the business by impressively serving the customer needs. In general, change is recommendable as an approach to help the business adapt to any changing business situation both from internally and externally. In the hospitality industry for instance, change is high regarded because of the customers the businesses serve and who come from different backgrounds and also bear very different interests. 1.1 Change situationThe 4-Star Lakeside Hall Hotel is situated at shores of Windermere found in the English Lake District.

The hotel in particular is recognized because of its location which allows excellent viewing of the surrounding falls. The surrounding is a perfect place for hiking and sailing as well as many other luxury activities. The company is owned by Michael Davis and who has been on top of management for the last five years.

However, despite the company making major strides in the past, in the recent days some serious problems have continued to cause a major worry on the sustainability of the business into the future. The company with over 100 employees at any given time is under management of two managers who are expected to oversee the activities of six departments within the establishment, is expected to manage the employees to serve the customers and go beyond their expectation. However, now according to the inspection report about the business which is a member of an accredited body, People National Quality Standard, performance measurement and continuous improvement, are among the major problems in the business.

Also in the list of problems include the complaints that have irate customers on the accusations that the business operated like a brothel and that the club lacked the required ambience for class customers. Cleanliness, an un-imaginative set of activities classes and low food quality and restaurant service standards has also been identified as problems facing the hotel currently.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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