Essays on Work And Organisational Change Essay

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Force Field AnalysisThe present state of The Lakeside Hall Hotel qualifies if to be in the rank of four star Hotels considering that it is located along the shore, enabling the management to take advantage of rare natural endowments. Many travellers certainly prefer the Hotel because it creates home for them, of curse far from their original homes. Another aspect that places The Lakeside Hotel in the frontline is its mode of management. The organization enforces professional management, where one management staff is usually on duty every week. The staffs on duty are passionately committed to the supervision of every task during the week, ensuring that every challenge receives appropriate resolution.

The third aspect in this case is Customer service. The management emphasizes on high quality service delivery, making clients prefer the Hotel to others around. The cost of customer retention is kept to the minimum. This explains why clients do reservations for many continuous days (Smith, 2003, p23). Managers on duty make sure that every client receives service and proper feedback from the Hotel staff members on duty.

Clients also enjoy sufficient communication from the workers owing to direct contact and effective communication channels. The fourth aspect that supports the operation of the Hotel is its space. The hotel has enough space to accommodate large number of anticipated clients, and still leaves enough space for development. The space provides supportive environment for relaxation and retreat activities (Smith, 2003, p26). Notwithstanding the advantages that The Lakeside Hall Hotel prides in, there are certain negative events that have unfolded with time to the bewilderment of the general public. Reports have arisen from clients, about indecency of the hotel rooms, citing the availability of pornographic materials in the rooms.

This sends wrong signals and discourages potential clients from approaching the Hotel for services. This calls for an urgent change to correct the situation before it deteriorates further. It appears that the present management has not realised the need for corporate image protection. One of the areas the management has to concentrate on as an annual strategy is ethics and image retention. It is a pity that the client relates the Hotel to a brothel.

Of course that to the client is her perception about the Hotel. It is upon the management and the decision makers to enforce changes that will eventually challenge the mentality of the clients. If the organization is to realize its long term strategic goals, then it has to create room for intensive training on customer service, personal effectiveness, reputational risks and responsible leadership (Smith, 2001, p32). It has to do this in a hurry, because clients may possibly respond to their perceptions without consulting the Hotel. They may soon realize diminishing influx of clients with time, posing a risk of collapse of business. The organization has to change the priority they give to their customer, by responding to their opinions instantly.

Of course when customers begin to complain, whether they are wrong or right, there is need for urgent action. This is a real risk issue within the management of the Lakeside Hall Hotel, where staff members take days before responding to customer frequent complains. They not only complain about the outlook of the rooms but also about food quality, cleanliness and staff attitude.

Even so, no employee of the Lakeside Hall Hotel seems to own the responsibility of the failure in customer service. The kind of training the employees require has to emphasize on the dire need for team work and consultation. The management has no option but to invest in shaping the attitude of all employees towards customer service.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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