Essays on Work and Health Safety in the Northern Territory of Australia Case Study

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The paper "Work and Health Safety in the Northern Territory of Australia" is a perfect example of management coursework.   In the Northern Territory of Australia, the work health and safety (National uniform Legislation) act 2011 is in place. The act contains rules relating to work and health safety while providing labor. It is meant to ensure that the workplaces are conducive for the workers in terms of health and safety. (Department of Justice, 2012) Objectives of the Act The main object of the act is to ensure that there is the provision of a balanced and nationally consistent framework to guarantee the health and safety of the workers.

This ensures that that various organisation regardless of their origin follow the same rules and requirements. This allows are the workers in all organisations or companies in the northern territory to enjoy the same benefits and protections of the act. The act seeks to protect the workers and other people involved in the workplace against harm to their health in any manner, their physical and psychological safety as well as their welfare. It is done through the minimisation or elimination of risks pertaining to risks and dangers arising from work.

Risks may come from handling or coming into contact with machines or substances in the workplace. The substance may cause harm to the workers’ body or health and the machines or tools may inflict physical or bodily harm. The act also advocates for the provision of fair and effective representation in the workplace. Fair and balanced representation in the workplace refers to the consultation, cooperation and even issue resolution in relation to work health and safety.

This ensures fair treatment of all individuals regardless of their gender, race or ethnicity. This contributes to a stable working environment as it eliminates biasness while providing an equal platform for all individuals to work on and even compete. The work health and safety act also encourage unions and even employers and organisations to assume the leading role in ensuring improvements in work health and safety practices. They should also ensure the free flow of information which will facilitate the promotion of provision of advice, education, information and even training in relation to their work health and safety.

The unions and employers ensure that there is full compliance with the requirements of the act. They should put up appropriate, effective compliance and enforcement measures as per the requirement. The act ensures that there is always appropriate check or scrutiny and review of the actions undertaken by the person exercising powers and performing functions which are provided under the act. The act also has the objectives of maintaining and strengthening the national harmonisation of all laws relating to work health and safety and also maintaining a consistent national approach to workers health and safety. In elaborating further the subsection (1) (a), high regard must be made to the workers and other persons.

They should be offered the highest level of protection against harm to their health, safety and welfare from hazards and other risks emanating from work or other related factors. This ensures that every worker in an organisation or economy is well taken care of in terms of his or her health and safety. (Workplaceinfo. com. au, 2011)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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