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The paper 'Work in the Real Estate Industry" is an outstanding example of business coursework.   The real estate industries provide people with numerous opportunities to meet a varied range of people while carrying out a diversity of different tasks and accountabilities. It involves assisting people with important decisions such as selling, buying, renting homes and offices and investing on the property among others. The real estate industry demands skills such as confidence in oneself, and exceptional customer services. It requires working on the clock, working on the weekends among others considering the market and competition available.

Real estate agents assist clients in leasing properties, managing businesses, valuing property, buying, and selling both commercial and residential properties (REIA). The Real Estate Industry The real estate industry is similar to the brokering industry. The real estate agency is growing steadily, which requires real estate agents who are also referred to as business transference agents (Butlin, 78). The real estate agency assists buyers and sellers in the market in the buying and selling processes. The agents are important in assisting to estimate the value of products while advertising them for sale.

The real estate agents handle the potential buyer’ s interviews, negotiations with prospective buyers and discussions among others. The sector flourishes due to the numerous relationships that must exist between the clients, customers and the real estate agents among other issues. Currently, the industry is highly competitive due to other sectors such as the brokering system among others (Jerez, 1). The sector needs the success of relationships with the customers and clients. The clients are both the sellers and the buyers. Those that do not have relationships with the real estate agents are perceived as the customers of the real estate agents.

However, most of the states have laws that govern how the real estate agencies licencing requirements. The real estate agents often work as transaction brokers where neither the buyer nor seller is their client (Jerez, 1). Thus, their intentions are to facilitate the transaction deals by developing equal trust among the clients to ensure the buying, selling or renting activity occurs. The role of the real estate agents is to maintain and enhance the business quality. The real estate industry is responsible for offering information, all necessary information in the market to facilitate the selling and buying processes among others (Jerez, 1).

It is responsible for growing shareholder engagements in the market through inventive asset communications. Thus, if offers leverage perceptions to the clients and customers that assist them in exploiting the developing behavioral and demographical tendencies. More importantly, it assists in exploring the concepts in the market to lessen risks and ensure supervisory management of business operations. The real estate industry has numerous employment requirements to ensure compliance with legislation and agency practice.

The employer and employee responsibilities and rights regarding conditions of employment. That is; the employer and real estate agencies must ensure employment conditions are in accordance with the law. The employers and employees in the real estate industry must advance communication strategies. The tactics must be operative to safeguard that rapport with clients is accomplished and ensures the client needs are identified effectively while providing accurate follow-up sequences on their business transactions while providing other forms of advice to guarantee effective and legal transactions. According to Australian law, the personal presence of the real estate agents and professional image of the industry must be in accordance with the standards of the industry and the agency.

The skills of the real estate agents are determined in relation to the services the agents perform in the market and the industry competency standards, which ensure that training priorities are identified and need to be met.

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