Essays on Change Intervention - Solar Hud Company Case Study

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The paper "Change Intervention - Solar Hud Company" is a great example of a management case study. In an organizational change is vital to allow staff to exercise their creativity, explore new opportunities, and learn new skills in ways that benefit the company through improved commitment and new ideas. Preparing staff to manage these changes entails an analysis of the training and tools required to assist them to acquire new skills (Austin 2011). Training can be offered via the traditional classroom setups or progressively through online learning platforms. Notably, companies have to do an effective job of assessing the capabilities of employees and then make decisions to breach the gaps between the skills required and the current skills to respond to the growth dynamics. The national and global economy can affect companies in both negative and positive ways and either way can be stressful.

If the economy is strong and there is increased demand for services and products implies that organizations have to consider expanding and this can entail the addition of new facilities or employees. Such changes offer employees opportunities; however, they also bring new challenges.

A dwindling economy such as the one experienced in 2009 can be worse as organizations find themselves requiring making hard decisions that can affect employees’ benefits and salaries and can even threaten their jobs. Thus, the ability to handle the two ends of the spectrum is important for companies that intend to maintain a vivid brand and sturdy relationship with their employees and customers as well (Burnes 2009). The aim is this work is to apply theory to a practical organizational situation that involves change. Project Description This project examines a change situation in an organization.

In particular, it studies a situation that had to change in an organization and the action that the manager took (change intervention) to establish the desired situation. The other part of the project applies a theory that applies to the change situation, and in essence, uses that theory to recommend enhanced change practices that will improve change interventions effectiveness in case the organization involves in the change process in the future. The paper will also demonstrate how relevant knowledge (theory) suits the change situation and interprets the situation from a theory perspective. Change Analysis The person I interviewed had just been employed at a Company called Solar Hud.

The company manufactures hot water solars and was a booming industry somewhere between 200 and 2010. During this period there was a global economic crisis most companies including his own was affected. This forced the company to bring in a new manager that would assist the organization to thrive during those difficult economic times. Certainly, the new manager had to make hard decisions to accomplish the goals of the organizations and such changes obviously would entail cutting costs, and sending some employees home.

Solar Hud had an issue with unskilled and inexperienced employees and hence the company needed to change incompetent staff and get more skilled, experienced and competent employees. Unfortunately, the interviewee was a new employee and less experienced and had to leave the organization. The situation came as a result of a new manager. Each manager has his/her own ways of managing an organization. Like in this situation the manager was very strict and need highly competent employees to turn around things in the company since the company as incurring losses at the backdrop of 2009 global economic crisis because the employees at the time were less skilled hence could become up with innovative ways to improve the business operations, thus the new manager had to make a decision to effect some change to improve the performance of the company.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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