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The paper 'Work Place Resource' is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. Catwalk style is a garment manufacturing company in the UK; Catwalk Styles is an extremely vibrant company that offers top quality manufacturing of ladies attire to clients all over the United Kingdom. It is in Chadwell Heath. And it extremely experiences in this field of work. It has approximately thirty years of experience. Catwalk styles deliver perfectly manufactured ladies garments to its clients, it’ s garments are designed to fulfill all the requirements of their clientele. Its workshop had the latest machinery which fulfills all the international requirements, they even have highly qualified staff, and thus the clientele gets a good stock for a reasonable price. The fact that they have to fulfill the deliveries of their clientele on time thus they require a proper supply chain system.

Recently, in order to ensure timely delivery, they are working to improve their present system,   The current method being used Currently, catwalk styles are giving a lot of attention to all three flow concepts in supply chain management. The Top Flow The Merchandise and associated services that come after producing it have always been an important element for logistics and till now it plays an important role in supply chain management.

They utilize this concept as because of this their clientele expect that their consignment will be delivered to them in a timely manner. (Langley, Coyle, Gibson, Novack, & Bardi, 2008). Information Flow The second flow indicated in the information flow, which has become an extremely important factor for success in the supply chain system of Catwalk styles. Traditionally, it has been viewed as flowing in the opposite direction of products, that is, from the market/customer to the wholesalers, manufacturers, and vendors.

As the information about the demand regarding the garments of Catwalk styles flows back from the marketplace, the more accurate and real-time it is, the better the inventory can be managed. Their forward information flow takes many forms such as advance shipment notices, order status information, inventory availability information, and so on. Financial flow Last but not least, is the financial flow. Reorganization of the financial flow may give Catwalk style opportunities to improve its entire supply chain and earn better profits.

The forward flow originates from suppliers with the form of credits, consignments, payment terms, and invoices. The backward financial flow consists of consignments and payments for goods and services received. And thus it holds an important position in the Catwalk style’ s supply chain system   Sourcing Methods Supply chain management is described as the integrated management of business links, information flows, and of people. Close attention is paid to the entire chain from the first step raw material supply, production, and supply to the client.

Catwalk style operations are the heart of the supply process, and supply is not the sole criterion of competitive advantage, but it performs a crucial role in support of other strategies. Investments and longer-term developments in manufacturing are examined in relation to changes in business strategy.


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