Essays on Management in the Fire Service Assignment

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The paper "Management in the Fire Service" is a good example of an assignment on management. Integrating theory with practice is fundamental for students in ensuring they comprehend how to apply the learned theoretical educational content into real-life experiences and more significantly, offering the students the opportunity to interact with the community in addressing critical community matters. This forms the basis for facilitating work-based learning projects for students. As a work-based learning exercise, a community safety project was established as a task, which was meant to raise the profile of student’ s fire safety and awareness.

According to Great Britain, (2004) fires are real risks for both businesses and communities and every community member inclusive of students is susceptible to the risk of fires and being affected by its aftermaths. Recent reports on the UK fire statistics for 2010-2011 shows that fires remain a real threat to the safety of communities and are mostly as a result of lack of fire safety, fire awareness and poor attitudes to fire danger in the neighborhoods (Great Britain: NAO. 2010). By raising the profile of students fire safety and awareness, the community safety project aimed to highlight the true impacts of fire in terms of finances and personal terms and mobilize the student community in getting involved in enhancing fire prevention and safety as a means of effective prevention, management and response to the risks of fires in the community level.

This is because, everyone is at risks of fire particularly when living around neighborhoods where no one mind about fire safety since, one can easily be put at risk against threats and hazards of fire, thus making fire safety awareness an essential process for any community member, and for this case, every student (Great Britain: NAO.

2010). This report, therefore, highlights the objectives and content of the task undertaken and critically analyzes the work undertaken. In addition, offering a reflection on the work undertaken and making effective recommendations to improve the practice.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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