Essays on Prevention as a Key Way of Eradicating Conditions Assignment

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The paper Prevention as a Key Way of Eradicating Conditions" is a wonderful example of an assignment on social science. Community fire safety is a planned program of outreach, intervention, and raising awareness to avert fire-related deaths and to lessen the incidence, cost, and risk of fire in the broader community. Community fire safety is aimed at reducing the hazard of a fire happening and not simply attempting to fight fire once it has occurred. Residential fires, environmental and workplace fires lead to fatal and severe burn injuries. Fires also result in psychological distress, property loss, and at times loss of life Fire and rescue service in the UK has been recognized as efficient public service and in the latest years has been working beyond its conventional role of fire suppression to making a broader contribution to community safety.

Fire and rescue services are engaged in home fire risk checks and installation of smoke alarms and several forms of fire to ensure that the community is safe from fire. What the task was about Prevention is a key way of eradicating conditions which might cause any form of fire.

The purpose of the community fire safety project was to help students to establish a fire safe environment in schools and also at home and how to respond just in case of a fire. The purpose of the information offered is to raise the consciousness of fire safety as well as to lessen the figure of potential fire events in schools According to IFSTA, (2008), the general community particularly students does not retain a sufficient level of fire prevention and safety knowledge and thus engage in dangerous actions such as leaving cooking unattended and putting flammable materials close to fire sources which places them at a higher hazard of causing a fire.   Students, especially the younger children do not have adequate knowledge of fire safety and act in manners that places them at a higher hazard of fire-related deaths and burns.

Students have a higher fire risk as a result of their reduced capability to accurately respond in the incident of fires.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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