Essays on Workforce and Sourcing Plan for JR Smith Case Study

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The paper “ Workforce and Sourcing Plan for JR Smith" is a   breathtaking example of a case study on business. Organizational success and development are heavily dependent on their business plans. An organization that creates plans on how it will achieve every milestone is more likely to succeed than a company that has no plan. (Emmerichs, Marcum & Roberts, 2004). JR Smith does a training and consulting firm that mainly deals in writing resumes, interviewing techniques and selling computer software and hardware. The organization is interested in opening another branch Tacoma, WA near Fort Lewis.

The new office did not have a plan for the workforce and sourcing plan and required one to be created. Workforce PlanJR smith requires a system that manages the current workforce and creates awareness if the need for more workers arises. JR Smith has allocated 12,000 square feet for their new offices and requires; an office manager to control the basic operations of the office from hiring staff and communicating with the public. A clerk to assist the manager, veteran representative to deal with orientating veterans into the workforce and civilian life, and finally, two trainers to train the new employees.

Having added the staff to its workforce, JR Smith will be capable of meeting future labor needs. Workforce planning assists an organization to take advantage of the available resources and meet its objectives. A clear example is the workforce plan used by i4cp. I4cp’ s strategy begins with an analysis of the strategy. The analysis helps the management familiarize itself with the requirements of the plan, and this can easily apply to JR Smith. The plan then focuses on the required manpower in order to achieve the company’ s goals and objectives (Emmerichs et al 2004).

The organization then develops the environment that will favor the growth of the organization. Forecasting in an organization's planning is vital in order to anticipate demand, and eventually, predict the required supply to sustain the demand. The company then analyses the gap between the supply of the workforce and its demand to have a clear perception of the specifically required workforce. Finally, an organization develops a strategy to manage the employees (Emmerichs et al 2004) JR Smith requires a few considerations in order to hire the appropriate personnel.

The organization needs to look at what the positions created will bring to the organization; understand the purpose of creating the position. Write a job description to narrow down the required candidates, and finally create awareness of the created position in order to get qualified candidates. (Emmerichs et al 2004)In order for an organization to eliminate the gap created by supply and demand of labor, it needs to analyze the present state of the organization and what creates the gap and plan according to the protocols put in place in the organization.

This process should be reviewed yearly to ensure efficiency. Sourcing PlanOnce the organization creates the objectives of the new office, JR Smith can look into narrowing down the required qualifications for the different positions available. As mentioned earlier, writing down job descriptions for the various positions help to narrow down the search to only candidates that fill the required fields. Job search sites have become prolific on the internet and act as a good source of qualified labor for organizations (Seshadri, 2005). Looking at non-traditional sources of job candidates, Job monster is an excellent example of a job search site that has an abundance of qualified individuals.

JR Smith can create an interview session for the candidates that qualify and get a feel of their character and how they would apply to the organization's goals and objectives. Global markets create a field of talented labor that will work for lesser wages than domestic labor and JR Smith can take advantage of such markets (Seshadri, 2005). Though the labor might be cheaper, it may take a while before the new recruits become familiar with the company’ s operational processes (Seshadri, 2005). ConclusionJR Smith requires an extremely little plan to be successful and profitable.

Given its small size, the organization will be able to manage its resources effectively and meet its objectives in the long run.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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