Essays on The Role of Workforce Planning for the Success and Sustainability of the Organization Essay

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The paper “ The Role of Workforce Planning for the Success and Sustainability of the Organization  ” is a  worthy version of an essay on human resources. Human resource planning plays an integral part in the success and sustainability of any organization. It establishes the human capital needed, and thus prepares the organization for the future. Human resource planning is the practice of matching the supply of candidates, both external and internal with emerging positions that an organization thinks it will likely have in the future (Draganidis & Mentzas 2006, p. 51).

Because human resource planning has a pulse on the job market and its relation to an organization's hiring process, it is tied to organizational planning. Human resource planning helps an organization to meet its goals by helping it to hire talented workers (Dubois & Rothwell 2004, p. 57). Human resource planning should be conducted concurrently with organizational planning. This is because the two help to drive the organization forward and they are intrinsically connected. Organizational planning is the practice of categorizing an organization’ s short term and long term goals (Dubois & Rothwell 2000, p. 105).

It is the formulation, and monitoring of definite strategies to achieve the said objectives. It entails resource allocation and staffing, and its one of the most crucial responsibilities of the management team in an organization (Dubois & Rothwell 2000, p. 105). The fact that it entails staffing means that it is directly related to human resource planning. For the organization to move towards its desired objectives, it requires the right manpower. That is the reason that makes the two functions be intertwined. As the paper has posted at the beginning, human resource planning is central to the success and sustainability of the organization.

It affords numerous benefits to the organization that cannot be gainsaid. This is because human resource planning is at the center of an effective workforce within an organization. The management mantra that human capital is the most sensitive asset within an organization holds water. This is because all the other factors of production are organized around the workforce. In light of the observations recorded in the above section, it is important to document that human resource planning anticipates the number of worker s required.

It also establishes the plan of action for the entire functioning of personnel management. The paper will look briefly at the main payoffs of human resource planning. First and foremost, human resource planning offsets change and uncertainty. This is because sometimes the organization may have the requisite machines and cash while experiencing a shortage of manpower. Consequently, production is inhibited or slowed down. Such uncertainties are offset by human resource planning (Bartram 2005, 1088). They are changed to the possible maximum. The organization is thus enabled to have the right manpower at the right time.

This way, proper functioning of all other factors of production is coordinated within the organization. This stands true for both profit and nonprofit organizations. Government bodies that are not out to make a profit benefit from human resource planning. Likewise, businesses also profit immensely from human resource planning. Human resource planning is quite beneficial to the organization. This is especially so when it comes to the issues of diversification, expansion and technological change. The said processes cannot materialize without considerable input from the practice of human resource planning (Cheng & Dainty 2005, p. 387).

Modifications to the implementation of the mentioned processes can only be effected through human resource planning (Bartram 2005, p. 1088). This is because the process forecasts the requirements of the organization. This forecasting enables the organization to prepare in advance to meet changes that are underway.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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