Essays on Workforce Planning for Olympic Gold Winning Assignment

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The paper 'Workforce Planning for Olympic Gold Winning' is a wonderful example of a Management Assignment. According to Rudolf (2011), Workforce planning is directly and dynamically linked to supply and demand and the shape of services that exist in the present and the future. For managers; workforce planning is a format utilized in ensuring that the necessary human resource, talent, and skill is available to meet the organization's demand, it is a method used in the allocation of limited resources and the prioritization of work. Lastly, managers see it as a tool for the determination of a developmental focus and the manner of knowledge leverage for its long term employees.

For employees, workforce planning is a platform to consider future career opportunities, an opportunity to comprehend their work priorities, and the place their contribution and skill are mostly needed. Lastly, they see it as an opportunity to put in their ideas and energy for the improvement of operation. Rudolf (2011) suggests that workforce planning processes come up with objectives, goals, and strategies for the workforce's future development. The processes systematically pick out and address the numerous complex factors that touch on the sustainability and capabilities of the workforce.

Workforce planning gives the right people who have the right experiences and skills and are placed at a convenient place at a given time through the use of appropriate technology and infrastructure. Body Rudolf (2011) reports that the running of an organization and its outcome is composed of the effective management of staff, risk, organizational goals, and culture. Therefore the proper management of the above aspects determines an organization's outcome. Workforce planning is pegged on its contribution to organizational performance.

It gives management a means to be aligned with a business plan and address future and current workforce issues. Workforce planning impacts on organizational outcomes as it helps employers better: • Manage and anticipate risk • Organize work and deploy staff • Manage organizational culture • Project and react to the staffing needs of an organization • Influence collective bargaining agreements, job classes and rules According to Bushell (2000), workforce planning ensures that business strategies and goals are met and the business operates desirably as it integrates the following five stages: business strategy, workforce demand, current workforce, workforce risks, and strategies.

The business strategy entails the determination of the goals and purpose of a given organization. Workforce demand answers the question of future workforce demands. The current workforce answers the question on the levels of staffing of an organization. Workforce risks answer the question of current workforce issues that impact organizational performance. The strategies touch on the development of action plans so as to address the gaps that exist between labor supply forecasts and labor demand. It is noted by Bushell (2000) that workforce planning contributes to an organization's ability to meet its goals and perform in a desirable way as its outline covers the important areas that impact on an organization's performance.

The following is an example of a workforce planning outline. 1. Introduction 1.a. Project plan and planning approach 2.b. Stakeholder engagement plan 3.c. Workforce segmentation document 2. Demand analysis 1.a. Demand analysis (current and future) 2.b. Alternate futures analysis


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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