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Health and social careHealth and social care are very vital parts of humanity. Health refers to the general medical condition of individuals. Social care, on the other hand, refers to the general caring for the unfortunate people in the community. It also entails the entire process of ensuring that individuals in the entire society receive relatively equal treatment and that there no people who are under oppression. Health and Social care go hand in hand and hence, these relationships need to be enhanced and maintained (Moon & Gillespie, 2004). Partnerships can either be multidisciplinary, trans-disciplinary or interdisciplinary.

This entails the working together of different professionals towards the achievement of a common goal. This is hugely applicable in the health and social care sector. This is because it brings together therapists, doctors, social workers, counselors and nurses. As a result, these professionals must build partnerships that are aimed towards quality service delivery. In the United Kingdom, a study is underway based on the elderly who are suffering from dementia and depression. The study aims at finding out the knowledge available to these service users about the disease and the material support that would be helpful if provided for by the professionals.

The study being carried is an example of the enhancement of the relationship in the health and social care field. This study will eventually strengthen the relationship between the service users and the caregivers. The multidisciplinary relationships are also studied in the course of the study. The elderly will require counselors especially for those going through depression, social workers to take care of them and help them in their daily duties and the doctors and nurses to cater for their medical needs.

Therefore, these professionals need to work together so as to meet the holistic needs of the elderly. LO1 Discuss the concepts/ philosophy of partnership in a range of health and social care services. In any field, there philosophies that acts as drivers in these particular fields. They define the main aspect of the kind of achievement that one wishes to make. They are the basis on which result may be are pillars in the particular field. In administration of health and social care services, they are certain philosophies that play a major role in weighed.

To a large extent, they uphold the existing relationships. Studies have been carried all over the United Kingdom so as to understand the extent to which these philosophies contribute towards better administration of health and social care (Fisher, 2003). Empowerment is very important in the course of ensuring that the users of the health and social care services are content. This is because it leads to anti-oppressive practices. This is also the process that largely entails the build of self-confidence.

There should also be enhancement of independence of the service users. This independence is highly encouraged in the United Kingdom by the Ministry of Health (Glasby & Rosemary, 2004). The service provision of health and social care is purely based on uplifting the life of the service users. It aims at making the live of these individuals better. The relationship maintained with the service users should, therefore, be such that betters their lives. It is the role of the professionals to take care of the service users so as to meet the objective.

A good relationship with the service is extremely important in ensuring that they gain independence and are able to make correct decisions. It is also important in empowering these disadvantaged individuals (Fletcher, 2006).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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