Essays on Managing Employee Relations and Physical Assets Coursework

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The paper "Managing Employee Relations and Physical Assets" is a great example of management coursework.   The hotel has established a series of management practices to ensure that the employee treatment and management of employees as per the existing industrial regulations. One of them is allowing for work flexibility. In this case, the kitchen staff although we were a total of 6 employees only, operated on four staff members shift. This implied that at least two employees were offered free time to relate and interact with their families as well as grows and develops their social life.

Moreover, the Kitchen supervisor had direct control over the staff and ensured cordial and working relationships between the members. As such, animosity and lack of team play or harassment by a member was reprimanded and even punishable by summary dismissal upon two consecutive warnings. Task 1.2: Employment Attractiveness Acquiring and retaining the required attractiveness in the industry, the hotel has established varied management systems. For instance, the kitchen department has an open recruitment process. In this case, employees in the kitchen department are subjected to a practical evaluation test as the only recruitment criteria.

Moreover, diversity is guaranteed in that of the 6 of us in the kitchen, not more than three of the employees came from a shared cultural background. In addition, a measure of ensuring staff retention the kitchen staff where I worked were offered incremental salaries on an annual basis implying that those who served in the kitchen more had increased salaries a virtue promoting retention in the industry. Finally, the hotel, though small uses the supervisors to train the employees, wherein the case of the kitchen department supervisor trained the staff on new cooking recipes on a regular basis to expand on the overall diversity. Task 1.3: Organizational Induction and Orientation The induction process is an important employment process.

In this regard, the stage enables employees to learn and understand organizational culture and approach in handling tasks and duties (Saiyadain, 2003, p. 438). In this connection, the hotel had an appropriate induction process. Although I was recruited to the kitchen department, my orientation and induction process included serving in all the other departments for a minimum of four days each.

In this case, I served in the cleaning and serving functions among others. Consequently, this enables me to learn and understand the hotel culture as well as perception in executing allocated tasks in my kitchen department. Task I. 4: Diversity Management In the current business environment, it is imperative that organisations establish a management diversity framework in which the respective views and cultures and perceptions in an organizational workforce are incorporated. In the case of my hotel working place, the management used teams to develop and make critical decisions. In this case, the teams were cross-functional drawing their membership from across the departments.

For instance, I was the kitchen department representative in the procurement team that recommended the needed procurement goods to the finance department for action. Moreover, as a measure to ensure equal employment opportunities the hotel had a policy on employee diversity for an employee with disabilities and marginalized group’ s consideration.


Saiyadain, M. S., 2003, Human resources management, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishers, New Delhi.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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