Essays on Health and Safety System in an Organisation Case Study

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The paper 'Health and Safety System in an Organisation" is a good example of a management case study. The paper is all about the working conditions that need to prevail in a workplace for better outcomes and proper exposure of the same. It is very important to have safety measures and healthy options to give the employees a sense of security in the workplace. This report is about some practical investigations as has been done by me. The report is fully analytical and is an attempt to have a practical application of the  Health and Safety system in an Organisation.

The importance and limitations are all being reported here for further speculations. In this paper, the illustrations will be over the establishment and the maintenance of the Occupational Health and Safety system. The functionality over the participative arrangements in regards to the management of Occupational Health and Safety. Identifying all kinds of illustrations and strict hazards and assessing and controlling risks that prevail in this context. I am also dealing with the maintenance of the quality of Occupational Health and Safety; for the betterment of management and all-around development of it. I have chosen my experience in a restaurant as the basis of all these analyses and feel that these experiences are worth the analysis.

The application of the Health and Safety system in an Organisation is a matter of concern in every small and big industry and thus it is equally very vital to have more awareness about it. I am trying to have a very pragmatic point of view with subjective analysis and am going to report about the issues that I have faced during my job as a waiter in one of the restaurants. Occupational safety and health (OSH), is a section that is very much cross-disciplinary it is for the purpose of safety, health and welfare of employees in an organization (Bill Taylor, 2005).

The main goal Occupational Safety and Health Act is to check that all employers whether small or big are providing all kinds of safety and security measures to their employees. As per James Roughton (2002), there are many reasons for which it becomes very important to have all kinds of occupational safety and health standards in the organizational sector.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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