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SummaryThe paper is all about the working conditions that need to prevail in a workplace for better outcomes and proper exposure of the same. It is very important to have the safety measures and the healthy options to give the employees the sense of security in the work place. This report is about some practical investigations as has been done by me. The report is fully analytical and is an attempt to have a practical application of Health and Safety system in an Organisation. The importance and the limitations are all being reported here for further speculations. Table of ContentsSummarySummary of the ReportThe Body ConclusionReferences and recommnedationsSummary of the ReportIn this paper the illustrations will be over the establishment and the maintenance of Occupational Health and Safety system.

The functionality over the participative arrangements in regards to the management of Occupational Health and Safety. Identifying all kinds of illustrations and strict hazards and assessing and controlling risks that prevail in this context. I am also dealing with the maintenance of quality of Occupational Health and Safety; for the betterment of management and all round development of it. I have chosen my experience in a restaurant as the basis of all these analysis and feel that these experiences are worth the analysis.

The application of Health and Safety system in an Organisation is matter of concern in every small and big industry and thus it is equally very vital to have more awareness about it. I am trying to have a very pragmatic point of view with subjective analysis and am going to report about the issues that I have faced during my job as a waiter in one the restaurants. The RepoRtIntroductionOccupational safety and health (OSH), is a section that is very much cross-disciplinary it is for the purpose of safety, health and welfare of employees in an organization (Bill Taylor, 2005).

The main goal Occupational Safety and Health Act is to check that all the employers whether small or big are providing all kinds of safety and security measures to their employees. As per James Roughton (2002), there are many reasons for which it becomes very important to have all kinds of occupational safety and health standards in the organisational sector.

I have worked in a restaurant and have discovered many hazards that make the work place unhealthy and insecure. These hazards are all from all sides, that is to say they are concerned from moral, economic and legal perspectives. As a discussion here I would like to describe all those situations that demands for and absolute administrative application and a safe and healthy atmosphere in the workplace. Manual stressI was working as a part time waiter and have faced the many things that are worth mentioning.

I will like to start with the manual tasks that were imposed upon me and my colleagues. All the workers were not given enough facility to minimise their efforts. The physical stress was heavy, even after being a part time waiter I used to get very much exhausted and that is very much tiring for me. Every work is manual there were no provision for equipments like trolleys or big trays to minimise these efforts. Kneeling, squatting, carrying heavy plates were part of the job.

The machines and equipments are not at all adequate and that led to the difficulties related to muscles, body ache, mental stresses and lots of physical troubles. Added to these entire if there is a slip or a fall of any of the utensil and it gets destroyed the money was deducted from the salary. It is very strange but as such there is no other way. Even if we are very particular about all the things, they are always out of control. Most of the cases use to be on weekends and people use to throng all around.

These were more troublesome to handle and more accidents used to take place. The floors were slippery and the stairs were very much upright. Balancing is like a big problem and there is also the tension reaching every table in much faster wait. The administrative section was much strict and that caused more tension in the work. If a waiter is found slower than the rest then he gets fired immediately.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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