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The paper "Workplace Diversity " is an outstanding example of management coursework.   Diversity in the workplace can be defined as the differences that exist between people and different groups in the workplace (Walck, 2008). The differences vary from one person to the other and they include gender, race, ethnic group, cognitive style, personality, age, organizational function, the background of a person, tenure (to mention a few). It is important to state that technology has revolutionised the manner in which organizations operate in the contemporary business environment. Similarly, technology has also turned the world into a global village which means that people are closer to one another than previously (Brooke, 2008). This has enhanced the rate at which business owners and managers are integrating and incorporating employees from all walks of life into their organizations in order to ensure that their businesses and organizations become competitive not only in the domestic market but also in the international market (Cox, 2009).

In this regard, workplace diversity has become a common term in many organizations around the world as employees are drawn from different genders, different ethnic groups, different cultural backgrounds, different cognitive abilities and diverse races to fill up the positions that fall vacant in the organizations. Diversity does not only comprise of how a certain group of people perceive themselves but is also comprised of how people perceive others.

It is the perceptions that arise from the manner in which people perceive each other that determines the rate and extent of interaction between one diverse group of people and another diverse group (Cox, 2009). Diversity in the workplace calls for the increasing efforts on the part of the managers and organizational heads to deal with candid issues such as change, communication and adaptability in order to increase and enhance the effectiveness of diversity in the workplace. The current trend in the marketplace shows that organizations that encourage diversity in their places of work will emerge successful because just like global recruitments seeks to increase and employ people from all walks of life, customers in any given organization can also be any part of the world and not necessarily in the domestic market.

The purpose of this paper is to explore the issue of workplace diversity (Fine, 2010).

Among the specific issues that will be explored in this paper include how increasing workplace diversity can hinder decision making in organisations and the strategies the managers should use to optimise decision-making processes as diversity in the workplace continues to increase. Diversity in the workplace is an issue that relates to and concerns people directly. It is an issue that focuses on the similarities and differences brought by the people in the organization. It is a broad issue that comprises of not only the issues addressed in Equal Opportunity Act and statutes on non-discrimination in the workplace but also issues that touch on the level of education, geographical location, parental status and professional background (Fine, 2010).

Diversity entails respect for other people, learning from other people and encouraging other people in their strengths and weaknesses. It also entails creating a working environment where every person feels appreciated and respected in spite of the person’ s cultural background.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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