Essays on Workplace Diversity - Dealing with the Challenges that Diversity Brings Coursework

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The paper "Workplace Diversity - Dealing with the Challenges that Diversity Brings" is a perfect example of management coursework. The topic of workplace diversity is still one that must be dealt with, with sensitivity. Diversity, in this case, means plethora of differences that exist between different individuals and groupings and may include age, gender, ethnicity, race, education, sexual orientation, physical abilities, income, marital status, geographical location, religious beliefs, job classification, work experience, parental status, etc. within the context of the workplace diversity entails the creation of an office atmosphere that is inclusive and accepting of differences and respectful of all persons.

The key is to create an environment that seeks to optimise the different skill sets and potential of every employee. Successful firms are increasingly embracing this concept as an important tool in maximising their profits (Flagg, 2002). Quality workers give the company an advantage over competitors. Diversity is not a factor of people’ s self-perception but rather their perception of others. This perception can affect how they relate to other people (Koonce, 2001). In order for a large cross-section of individuals to interact effectively within the workplace environment, it is essential that the human resource professionals need to handle such issues as communication, adaptability and change to good effect.

With the possibility of increasing diversity in the coming years, it is essential for companies aiming for success to have mechanisms in place to deal with matters that arise (Greenburg, 2005). The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (2011) gives some guidelines on the requirements for working with diversity. It encourages sensitivity in recognising and responding to individual differences in employees, clients and customers; while ensuring that legal requirements are adhered to.

The accommodation of diversity must also be evident in all verbal and non-verbal communication. Furthermore, the guidelines exhort working effectively with personal differences by recognising and documenting the experience, knowledge and skills of others in line with the goals of the team. Also, colleagues are to be encouraged to share and utilise their individual backgrounds, qualities and skills in order to augment results in the workplace. This goodwill should extend to clients and customers who should be handled in such a way as to appreciate the value placed upon diversity by the business. Effects of Increasing Diversity on Decision Making Employers are required to have culturally appropriate communication skills according to the department guidelines as well as problem-solving and initiative skills in order to identify and resolve their own reaction to diversity. Benefits In order for an organisation to succeed and be competitive, it must embrace diversity in order to reap the benefits.

This would entail an active assessment of the methods used to handle diversity issues in the workplace and the development and implementation of diversity strategies.

This leads to benefits such as: Improved Adaptability: a diverse workforce translates into a larger pool of knowledge in which to source for solutions to problems that may arise. These ideas may be more flexible in adapting to situations arising due to fluctuating markets and demands from customers. Wider Range of Service: when an amalgam of skills and experiences exist within the same entity it increases the scope of globalisation possible for the company. Differing Perspectives: should there be freedom of expression amongst a diverse workforce, this may be a source of wider ideas and experiences.

These can be used by the firm in building strategies and serving the consumer effectively. Augmented Implementation of Company Policy: employees gain inspiration from their differences and this enhances their work output. This results in greater execution of company policy increased profit and return on investment (Greenburg, 2005).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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