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The paper 'Workplace Ethics 'is a wonderful example of a Management Assignment. To make an informed ethical decisions). i) Marwa being both an administrative assistant and a referee to Manhal apart from being her friend should identify the ethical problems associated with involvement in her friend’ s issue concerning the interview. The ethical problems that should be considered are as follows. Honesty As office assistance, Marwa should execute her duties with diligence it deserves. Performance should be based on the office work and depart the other side roles irrespective of how close she is o the interviewee. Corruption – Act of corruption is ethically unbearable, have the ability to distinguish between wrong and write should show high standards of work ethics at the workplace through self-determination. Nepotism The interviewee being also friends to Marwa, he feels that he is overqualified and enjoys the privilege that if everyone who aspires to be employed would use this, leading to being needless to do so. -Friendship -Organizational/ group codes iii).

Mars’ decision regarding the friend will compromise the integrity of the Human Resource department, the interviewing panel, Manhal and Marwa herself. 2) i) In order for Emily progress in her work, she needs to understand the ethical implications involved in the line of duty for instance; Leadership - Ethically Emily should learn on the best way to take the properties that do not belong to her, this is n ethical behavior that should not only be demonstrated towards others considering the boundaries of ownership that exist.

Honesty - There is a need for Emily to be truthful and honest, for instance, she should avoid taking the computer to her house for her son to use on college work while the computer should be used somewhere just to return it when ye sun shall have been through with the studies.

ii). -Commonality -Family Influences -Right to thrive iii). Emily’ s decision will affect her supervisor, the primary school which was to benefit from the computer, Emily, and the son who will always perceive that her mother’ s style of property ownership is the best for obtaining assets. 3) i). Marvin, the facility management secretary should carry out his duties in an ethical manner by considering the following ethical issues within the business. Honesty – Marvin should face the supervisor and let him/ her be aware that he is not conversant with the computer and requires a little more time to familiarize himself with the computer to increase efficiency and Work integrity. Organization’ s work. ii).

-Organizational codes -Castes -Seeking safety iii). Marvin’ s decision would affect the entire management personnel, being a secretary; he should concentrate more on secretarial duties which are very essential to the whole organization. In addition to that, the clients and customers too would suffer as a result of his decision due to a lack of attention. 4) i. ) Mansour should be sincere to the supervisor and bring to his/ her attention the loophole that has led to the financial shortage, ethically, he should consider the following factors; Integrity- The decision to resolve the organizational problem, should not go round informing the coworkers on the loopholes available within the organization, but instead, he should stand with the truth to defend and safeguard the organization. Honesty- He should not gain at the expense of the innocent workers who genuinely need their benefits in order to sustain themselves in their livelihood.

Safety- Organizational ethics of the workers in regard to the assets should not be omitted as in the case of Marvin. ii). Economic influences Group codes Right to thrive


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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