Essays on World Is Flat by Friedman Movie Review

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The paper "World Is Flat by Thomas Friedman" is an amazing example of a movie review on business. The video lecture by Thomas Friedman implied that the global economic playing field is being leveled/flattened and Americans are not ready (Friedman). There are some key reasons why this transformation occurred. First of all the PC allowed individuals to offer their own content in digital form. A second key reason for the leveling of the world occurred on August 9, 1995. On that date, Netscape was born. The invention of the Netscape browser gave people a tool that brought the internet to life.

The Netscape IPO triggered the dot com bubble which led to over one trillion in investments in online companies. Within a five year period, there was a fiber optic explosion that accelerated the availability and speed of the internet. A third key occurrence that helps this movement was the revolution in transmission protocols. Computer software became interconnected which spur collaboration between departments in a company and it provided the ability of collaboration with people from different parts of the world.

The most important economic competition going forward is between you and your imagination. Success globally will depend on how well you learn to collaborate. Americans have not been able to keep up with these changes at an adequate pace. Other countries such as Japan, India, and Singapore have done a much better job of adapting to the latest online trends.   Based on the finding of this video I plan to make changes to my behavior online. I am going to educate myself further on technical matters in order to become more educated on the internet and its capabilities.

In the future, I might seek to start my own online business in order to take advantage of the unlimited opportunities that are available for online businesses. To make sure my site is successful I plan on taking a course in online marketing. The success of an online business is dependent on how many viewers visit your website. Higher online traffic leads to more sales.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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