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Essays on World of Warcraft - Target Market Objectives, and Elements for the Website, Homepage Layout, Basic Schematics, and Branding Case Study

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The paper “ World of Warcraft - Target Market Objectives, and Elements for the Website, Homepage Layout, Basic Schematics, and Branding” is a  meaningful variant of case study on marketing. With the huge success of World of Warcraft (WoW), measurable by subscription numbers, it is easy for website developers to sit back and assume that improving the website is not necessary. The likelihood of developers becoming complacent with their current success is even more with survey experts claiming that online games have gained dominance over traditional media channels (Steinkuehler, 2007, p.

297). The changing online consumer behavior and interaction demands, however, indicate that website planners and developers need to improve their websites on a continuing basis if they are to attract new consumers and retain existing ones (Debeauvais, Schiano and Ducheneaut, 2010, p. 1). AimThis report aims at informing web developers in charge of WoW about elements that should be included in the website for purposes of improving the website’ s ability to attract new subscribers, and retain the existing ones. Through a quality website, WoW is likely to command greater user trust as suggested by Gao (2005, p.

533ScopeAlthough this report acknowledges that the WoW is already a complex online game with millions of subscribers across the world, it will not delve into an objective review of the same due to its complexity. Instead, the report will make some basic assumptions that will allow the author to treat the WoW website planning as a start-up projectThe target market for the proposed websiteOnline games have the capacity to penetrate the international market due to the global nature of the internet. To succeed in the global market place however, developers need to know and acknowledge the cultural differences in their different market segments.

Specifically, developers need to understand and respond to the main needs represented in their target markets (Lee et al. , 2004, p. 559)SegmentationTo fit into the ‘ Massively Multiplayer Online Games’ (MMOs) category, WoW requires large numbers of players to be online at the same time for it to provide an enjoyable and challenging gaming experience. Hence, there is a need for developers to identify mechanisms that will attract players and retain them in the online settingDemographicStatistics published by Bizreport. com indicate that recent activities on online gaming platforms go beyond the stereotypical demographic that contains teenage males.

The statistics indicate that the average gamer is 33 years old, 58 percent of such gamers are male, while 42 percent are women. Additionally, the statistics indicate that men play an average of 7.6 hours, while women play an average of 7.4 hours per week. The report further indicates that adult gamers reported that they had been playing for an average of 12 years, while 53 percent of those surveyed stated that they expected to continue playing the same or better games in 10-year time (Legatt, 2008).

Schiesesel (2007) further identifies the ‘ Noob’ market, which consists of new gamers who do not where to start just yet, as a rich and prospective market. This is indicative that the online game developers should target all age groups while designing the websitesPsychographicSince online gaming is open to people of all ages, gender and cultural divides, web developers have to target their website designs to cater to the needs of as many people as possible.

Psychographic segmentation of the market targeted by WoW will take these four divides as suggested by Erick (2008): traditional gamers; mums; slacking white-collar employees; and old gamers.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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