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inserts His/her inserts inserts Grade   In line with the mission ment of World Travel services, the fundamental concern is definitely to formulate a marketing strategy that will indeed make the organization the best choice in the whole industry. The range of services offered is certainly broad and this creates the need to design a marketing strategy that can effectively ensure success in the increasingly competitive environment. The intermediaries in the marketing plan will play very strategic roles in the supply and sale of the company’s brand so that it identifies with the consumers.

The hospitality industry is indeed flooded with myriad players each on the move to outdo the other. As such, World Travel Services is very keen to reduce the number of intermediaries in its supply chain as much as possible so as to address the needs of the clients in the best way possible. A long distribution channel is never appropriate in service delivery which is the focus of WTS. The company is therefore intending to establish its own chains centrally managed from the headquarters so that customer satisfaction is given the most priority.

Considering the wide range of services on offer at WTS, a single distribution channel can never operate efficiently for the organization. The different units will have slightly modified channels of distribution depending on the nature of service offered. For instance, the tours department will have an almost direct contact with the prospective clients so as to enhance effective service delivery. The travel industry has been booming in the recent times courtesy of several environmental factors (Miles, 2007). In a bid to take advantage of this boom, WTS has distinguished itself as a first rate service provider eager to capture the market as soon as possible.

This is only possible through a one-on-one touch with the clients so as to avail customized services that can match up the standards of this age. The promotion strategy of the company is also very critical in ensuring market penetration. WTS is therefore adopting a very comprehensive promotional strategy that borrows on the envisioned strength and capabilities of the company. As a first strategy, a wide range of consumer oriented promotions have been designed to create awareness amongst the prospective clients on the existence of as new entrant into the market.

These strategies will include sales premiums, displays and coupons. Such strategies will come in handy in the flooded travel market. Nevertheless, it is hoped that the progress of the services in the market will be pretty fast as a consequence of the comprehensive marketing strategy in place. The company hopes to cut its own niche in the travel industry by targeting not only professionals who travel for business purposes but incorporating holiday makers as well.

This will ensure a continuous availability of clients despite seasons and the time of the year. Considering the variable target audience envisioned, the promotion process will cut across entirely all channels of communication so as to reach as many people as possible. It is expected that the budget of the initial promotional activities will be very high but hopefully the cost will be justified. Similarly, the promotion process is expected to be a continuous process with much focus in the initial stages of the formation of the company. The success of the marketing strategy above lies in the fact that the industry has been growing rapidly as market demand for travel-related services increases.

It is also hoped that since the company cuts across the whole industry in its service delivery, it has an advantage over most market players who mostly depend on specific sectors of the industry. The organization structure of the company is basically the conventional type but without a centralized decision making organ. Each department has the prerogative to make decisions that suit that particular department.

Reference Miles, R. (2007). Organizational Strategy, Structure, and Process. Stanford: Stanford University Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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