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09/ 08/ 2010OutlineIntroductionRole of nurses in Care givingDementia management practicesSummaryIntroductionDementia is a disease which affects old people within the ages of 65 yrs and above, it usually afflicts about 10% of people between 65 and 85 yrs with majority of about 50 % are aged above 85 yrs. Dementia is a condition characterized by memory loss, behavior change and orientation; it is normally characterized by degeneration of the brain functions and activity (Katzman 2001). The most common type of dementia is the Alzheimer’s disease; it is characterized by confusion and loss of face recognition in that they forget people easily. According to Wilcock (2003) the cause of dementia has not been known but it may result from brain injury or due to disease in the body.

Main symptoms of dementia include: memory loss, poor communication poor performance of simple tasks and disorientation causing poor judgment. In summary dementia is a disease that affects the cognitive ability of the old and less than 10 % of dementia cases can be treated. Thesis statement: This essay focuses on dementia management and role of nurses in managing dementia cases. Role of Nurses in Care givingDementia being a condition that affects old people, their frail health and conditions need sensitive care.

In the health sector, the primary care givers are nurses and thus they need to be adequately equipped and prepared to provide care for dementia patients at the hospitals. Due to the fact that dementia is not a curable disease, good healthcare practices need to be undertaken in providing care that meet the physical, emotional and social needs of dementia patients (Bährer-Kohler 2009). The most important role nurses have to play is to educate the society on dementia in terms of how to diagnose, manage or give care to dementia patients.

Most dementia cases go unnoticed and it only gets noticed when it has developed into acute dementia (Alzheimer disease); this mostly happens in developing nations (Curran 2004). Through education the public will be able to develop strategies which are prudent in the management of dementia. Another role that nurses have is to provide quality and affordable health care for dementia patients. The cost of providing care for dementia patients is costly especially in a private institution; this is owing to the reason that dementia cases require special and sensitive care.

Public health institutions have an important role in caring for patients, as a consequence they have to develop solutions for dementia patients which allows care to be given at affordable costs to the masses (Barker 2008). Some solutions that could be adopted in the hospitals include, creating an environment where dementia patients could be taken by their family members under the guidance of medical practitioners within a hospital setting. Nurses in collaboration with research scientists play an important role in the management of dementia.

This is because nurses being the primary care givers tend to interact with the dementia patients thus their observations are significant in the development of dementia management solutions. According to Landefeld (2004), scientists could use the observation and nurse reports to come up with preventive measures against dementia or solutions on the effective management of dementia.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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