Essays on Building the Character and Morals of a Person Assignment

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The paper "Building the Character and Morals of a Person" is a wonderful example of an assignment on psychology. Every living person is molded by various influences in his/her life. Early influences usually serve to build the character and morals of a person, and hence the emphasis on good schools, teachers, and friends from early childhood.   My own early memories take me back to my mother drilling into me the importance of good health and cleanliness. I remember her often chiding me for not washing before sitting down to a meal after a session in the playground.

Good health, she often said was the key to being successful in everything you do, because only a healthy body can keep your mind healthy. Today, my health, fitness, and happiness are her greatest gifts to me. I can never thank her enough for instilling in me habits of cleanliness and regular exercise that are the reason for my fitness and good health. As I grew up I was greatly influenced by my father, an upright man who was never easily swayed by anything. He was very particular that I thought things out carefully before deciding on a course of action.

My father advised me to always think things through and thoroughly examine “ all things severally … … .and without confusion, in an orderly way” (Marcus Aurelius, The Meditations) before coming to a decision. A hasty decision, without taking all factors of a situation into account, he maintained would surely end in disaster. His words echoed in my ears every time I stood at the crossroads, and I cannot count the number of times his advice has stood me in good stead.

Every time this happens I send him a silent thank you knowing it will reach him wherever he may be. My brother Michael too has always been a great source of guidance. Most importantly he has taught me to do that which my conscience tells me is right, not that which is easiest to do or because it will elevate me in the eyes of my peer group. I am deeply indebted to Michael for his guidance and strength in times of indecision.

I learned from Michael the same thing that Marcus Aurelius learned from Apollonius - “ undeviating steadiness of purpose” , (Marcus Aurelius, The Meditations) to carry on in the face of all odds till I reach my goal. I am sure these qualities will go a long way in helping me reach my ultimate goals in life. I do hope that I too can at some time in my life be to another, the kind of mentor that my parents and my brother have been to me.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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