Essays on Mining Project in Mongolia Case Study

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The paper 'Mining Project in Mongolia" is a good example of a management case study. Mongolia is one of the most abundant countries in terms of mineral resources. The country registered the highest GDP growth rate in the world at 17.5 percent, but since then, the economy has slowed rapidly. With a new government in place, the country is desperate for foreign investments and a return to high levels of growth. Between 2013 and 2014, foreign investment reduced by 70 per cent. With such conditions and stiff competition, companies might throw caution to the wind when approaching mining in Mongolia.

This gold mining project, however, is committed to the highest levels of quality and management and the best outcomes for all the stakeholders involved. 2.0 Control of project quality Project quality control should happen in three stages; the pre-project duration, the duration of the project, and the follow-up after the project. In the case of the Mongolian mining project, the following must be done during the pre-project stage. 2.1 Pre-project After the definition of the scope of the project, the mining company must determine how much the mining operation will affect the surrounding community.

This calls for an identification of the surrounding settlements or dwellings and the formulation of a resettlement plan for the people to be displaced or disturbed by the mining project. After the determination of the physical scope of the procedure, the road access to the site must be evaluated. First, the mining operation must make sure there are no road reserves in the area to be used for mining. Secondly, it is likely that the equipment and materials to be transported and used in the mining operation will interrupt the normal road operations.

The company must determine an alternative route for the transportation of the tools to be used in the mining operation. The initial preparation of the mines before the actual extraction of the mines also requires an environmental management plan. There are two major types of management plans necessary for a good environmental analysis in a mining environment. Carbon-based environmental plans incorporate management of site water, a noise monitoring program, a program to monitor the air quality, and one to monitor the blasting operations. The project manager must realize that in order for the mining operation to kick off as scheduled, they have to keep as close a track of the operations as possible.  



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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