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Students’ lives are too busy for on-campus study: use hybrid or blended modes of teachingAmidst all kinds of responsibilities and student’s life sometimes turns up to be full of scheduled stuff. In such phases they could not turn up to be in the on-campus study session. The solution of this has been provided by hybrid or blended modes of learning and teaching. The purpose of hybrid or blended, learning is to establish pedagogies in online and face-to-face instruction for better learning facilities. It is the most convenient way of sharing knowledge between students and faculty.

Its usefulness has come up with all kinds of advantages in the process of distance educational system. The educators have realized that through the process of hybrid teaching brings the independence of teaching in the general education curriculum. There are some ideas that hold it to be a kind of diminished learning experience, while others consider it as time-consuming and devastating. In some cases the faculties were not resistant to the idea that technology might be helpful in some way, but that is thoroughly negated by this form of hybrid learning and teaching formulations.

It is also getting popular as it provides ongoing discussion opportunities among the students on international basis. Problems FacedThe basic reason that the students face in making on-campus study is the hurdle of simultaneous need to earn. The common problems are enlisted belowUnable to earn in on-campus studyFees are very high, limitation to affordabilityExpenses get curled in dual settlementsNeed to make compromises with the selected career. Lack of independenceUnable to get the right age groupOn-campus also has got the marginalisation of ageThrough hybrid teaching there is a transformation in the transitioning traditional faculty from classroom to online learning environments (Scardamelia, M.

2002). The students can have their degree and affiliated knowledge from the renowned Universities through hybrid teaching. Application of Hybrid teachingHybrid course are also known as "blended, " for the requirement that the students need to meet for face to face classes. The purpose of it lies in providing the course content and interaction through internet and online facilities. Software and instructional tools is he medium of its persuasion. Hybrid programs ha got the provision of giving courses fully over online interactions and some in class, or through hybrid.

Hybrid course instructional are designed in order to have the blending of classroom and online methodology of teaching and learning. They are all structured on the basis of student-directed instruction and are very much effective, according the schedule of teacher intervention, and peer to peer interaction. There is also the provision for multiple input resources. The absolute dependence lays on student and teacher participation and on the pre-structured instructional design. The best part about it is that it is very much supported internationally for learning outcomes and flexible teaching. Benefits and SolutionThere is a sense of logical progression in this form of learning and the initiative from the student’s side is highly appreciated.

The popularity is so much that there are many higher educations opting for hybrid programming hybrid course delivery. The purpose is to provide more flexibility for on ground students along with the increase in its marketability. The main benefit to hybrid kind of teaching and learning is its provision for an opportunity for the whole structure of learning process and get engaged to the drive of learning process more directly.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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