Essays on Marketing Analysis of Westfarmers Australian Company Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Analysis of Westfarmers Australian Company" is a great example of a marketing case study. Westfarmers is a public company in Australia which is ranked among the largest retailers in the country. The company was formed in 1914 as a farmer’ s cooperative and grew to its current size being one of the largest employers. The corporation has diversified operations which cover supermarkets, coal mining, office supplies and insurance among others. The corporation has many operations and businesses in other countries. The main objective of the corporation is to make sure that they give the required returns to its shareholders.

One of the major acquisitions of the company was in 2007 when they acquired Coles Group Limited. The company has continued to increase in size and diversification by acquiring other businesses strategically. The company has been transformed from being farmers cooperative to a large company with more than 200,000 workers (Wesfarmers Limited, 2013). The objective of the report The main objective of the report is to look at the Westfarmers CEO management. This will be achieved by looking on the way he has helped the company grow to be the biggest retailer and maintain the market. Report sections The report starts with a brief overview of the company.

The next section looks at the company external environment both general and specific. These details give insight into how the company operating environment. The customers, competitors give more detail on the company operations through management efforts. The last section deals with the company SWOT analysis and development strategies. All these are liked to the CEO efforts in leading the company to success. External environment analysis General environment Economic conditions The management of Westfarmers has been keen on the external environment.

One of the areas that have been looked at is economic conditions in the country as well as globally. The recent upheavals in the world economy have affected many of the business. The global financial crisis was one of the major economic problems. This was a clear illustration of how unstable the global market is. Westfarmers being involved in business worldwide suffered adverse effects (Schermerhorn et al, 2012). The fact that the company managed to survive the economic crisis shows how stable and well managed it is.

The prices of coal among other commodities fell in value and exports were cheaper than imports. Despite the crisis, the company survived. The economic condition of the country is stable and with good management of Richard Goyder, the company has a bright future (Gooderham, Nordhaug & Ringdal, 2006). Natural environment conditions Westfarmers is involved in industrial activities among other activities that can impact the environment. The management has taken steps to make sure that they minimize their impact on the environment. The management has ensured that they take care of the environment in which they operate.

Under the leadership of Richard Goyder, the company operations are carried out in such a manner that they have a less environmental impact (Wesfarmers Limited, 2013). The management has managed the green gas emissions, using renewable energy, waste management and site contamination. The company has given all information regarding their environmental protection activities in their site (Schermerhorn et al, 2012).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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