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The paper "Internet-Marketing And Electronic Commerce" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. This is a fully researched report on the intended marketing plan of SDT Securities limited. This is a security company that has been operational in the United Kingdom since 1983. This report covers various approaches that are crucial to the implementation and adoption of internet marketing. The plan has analyzed the current market practices of the company. This report also covers the situational analysis of the company. This has been successful with the aid of both STEEPLE analysis and SWOT analysis.

Under the STEEPLE Analysis various factors ranging from Technological, social to Economical state of the plan has been covered in details. Under the SWOT Analysis various issues such has treats and strengths has also been given wider consideration and explanation. The report finally gives appropriate recommendations to be adopted in order to achieve a successful approach into internet marketing (Jagpal, 2008 p. 475). SDT Securities Limited is a Private Limited Company with Share Capital. It has a registered address of 32 Burrell Avenue Lancing Sussex BN158QB in the United Kingdom.

The company was incorporated on 16th November 1983. This is a total of 31 years of operation. SDT Securities has several customers around the globe. This is due to the fact that the majority of the customers feel reliable and satisfied with their services. The company through its various advertisements has indicated that the systems they use are friendly. The company also is basically up to the standards in the provision of services to the customers. The thirty years of operation is a clear indication that the company has gained experience in all aspects of the business.

They have therefore adopted a series of technologies in order to boost their relevance in the market. SDT Securities has several customers which in turn translates a lot of accounts. The marketing practice revolves around several services that the company offers. This includes efficiency in installation, faster service delivery, minimization of alarming the public in the course of duty, user-friendly systems, adoption of technology and holding of a key. The company through this service delivery approach has been able to attract several customers (Shaw, 2003 p. 53). The current marketing practice, therefore, use adverts on the media as an attraction of customers.

The company tries to also appeal and be presentable to the near public by not disturbing them. This is because they are customers or potential customers for the company. The company, therefore, needs to broaden its services by first getting a lot of customers. The use of the internet will be very crucial here. The company currently is using the internet to disseminate information to customers and various stakeholders.

There is, therefore, a great need for the use of e-business as an added advantage to remain competitive in the market. In order to ensure an efficient and effective e-business approach, they also need to increase the number of employees and the equipment used (Ryan, 2001 p. 87). To successfully analyze the situational analysis of SDT Securities limited, there are various elements to be considered. This includes the customers, the market, the core competencies and the market. The customers of the company are people who require security concerns. This includes installation of security alarms and burglary systems.

Majority of the customers are basically internet users. This means that they spend most of their time surfing on the internet. Others pass most of their leisure time on social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. If the company adopts this internet marketing approach they will therefore be a good position to attract a lot of them. The key competitors revolve around the security industry. Other companies that offer security services are potential competitors to the company. The most advance ones have adopted internet marketing though they are few (Shaw, 2003 p. 54).


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