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The paper "The Interview Concerning Leadership" is a good example of management coursework.   Interview Questions - Name one person who you think is a good example of a leader. Why did you choose this person? Describe their personality and leadership behavior. Do you think that leaders are born or made? Explain why. Name one person who is in a leadership position but who you think does not have the qualities of a true leader Explain why Interview 1 Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) He is well educated and uses a lot of humor in his speeches. He is also a lot more intelligent than he appears to be on the surface. He uses his humorous speeches to draw people’ s attention Leaders are made since what determines a good leader is an environment in which they are bought up and how well they interact with it. Kim Jong Ill (De facto leader of North Korea) He makes news for all the wrong reasons especially cruelty such as human rights violations, a starving population and the recent alleged nuclear test.

He is a strong believer in violence and war. Interview 2 Barack Obama (President of the United States) He is very intelligent and inspirational. He is very composed, stands firm and provides guidance even during tough times such as the recent economic crunch.

He is also very decisive and makes sound decisions. A leader can either be born or made since personality is inborn but then a good leader needs to shape himself and his life through his upbringing. Robert Mugabe (Ruler of Zimbabwe) He is cruel because commits human rights violations and is incompetent because he has destroyed what was formerly one of the strongest economies in Africa during his tenure. Interview 3 Winston Churchill (Former prime minister of Britain) He led the United Kingdom to victory during World War II through his inspirational speeches.

He was an expert motivator and therefore more effective during the war. He is inspirational, decisive and strategic. He was also decisive and strategic in making plans with his generals which eventually led to him winning the war. Leaders are made because we all have the leadership aspects but he who feels the most kingly is the king. Than Shwe (Ruler of Burma's military junta) He is inhuman because he commanded rescue and aid groups not to reach cyclone Nargis victims. Interview 4 Margaret Thatcher She was fearless and reaped her opponents apart during debates She was a very courageous leader, confident, knew what was needed and would, therefore, make it happen. Leaders are born and that’ s why come artificial leaders fail miserably in their positions while others are successful without even straining. Gordon Brown He was not visionary, did not know what was needed or the best action to be taken and even if he knew what he wanted, he would end up making mistakes in the process of trying to get it done.

Above all, he was fraudulent, incompetent and a liar. Interview 5 Jim Sinegal (Costco's CEO) He acts like a simple, normal guy despite being a CEO. His name tag simply says Jim, his office is open-ended and he answers his own phone. He has managed to lower his employee turnover rate by acting like one of them and paying himself a modest salary. His employees, therefore, love him because they can easily associate with him. Leaders are born since they have something special in their blood and not everyone can be a leader. Richard Nixon He abused his rights as a leader of a free nation and did not respect people who opposed him.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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