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Intelligence brief on Iraq Intelligence Brief on Iraq Iraq: U.S. Steps up Bombing Raids in Anbar after Shiite Militias WithdrawSummary: The latest attack by the Islamic terrorist group ISIL targeting the Iraqi police officers, soldiers and their family at Anbar provinces called for more involvement of the United States in supporting the Iraqi military and police. Management of the conflict between Sunnis and Shiite is vital for the defeat of ISILDevelopment: The American led coalition that focuses on defeating ISIL fighters in the Anbar province Shiite militiamen in the battlefront would prompt more of Sunnis to support the ISIL group.

This would further complicate the fighting in the area. The extremist group is already strong enough to gain some ground so support for them need to be curtailed. The U. S ambassador Stuart E. Jones warned tribal leaders at the province that the United States would halt their support if the tribal issue was not resolved by pulling out the Shiite fighters. Though the ambassador’s spokesman denied the conditions, Iraqi officials believe it to be the reason why the U. S has increased its airstrikes right after the withdrawal of Shiite militiasAnalysis: The fighting in the province is complicated by the tribal rivalries.

There is a need to approach the conflict in the manner the U. S did so as to stop strengthening the main enemy-ISIL. The Iraqi military as much support to defeat the Islamic extremist. The Iraqi military is already marred by corruption and mismanagement and thus the American support is necessary. The Sunnis sees the Shiite as a direct rival and so many attacks have been carried out between the two.

Trying to find a common ground that does not escalate the fighting is needed. ISIL is more vulnerable without the support of the Sunnis. Works CitedNordland, R., and F. Hassan. "Log In - The New York Times. " N. p., 12 Apr. 2015. Web. 13 Apr. 2015..

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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