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Humanitarian Crisis Grows as Iraqis Flee ISIS Threat Summary: The war between Islamic militants and pro-government forces around the provincial capital has caused a humanitarian crisis in Iraq as 4,250 families run away from the region. Development: Thousands of people are running away from Iraq’s Anbar Province, which is under attack, towards Baghdad for protection. Bodies litter the streets, and some are still in burnt cars. There is a traffic pile up at the checkpoint, as Iraqi authorities demand a confirmation of residence for the escapees before allowing them entry.

Most people have been travelling for days just to reach the border. It seems the battle will go on for months after the government assured its residents of a new military operation to bring back the province from the Islamic State. The Islamic State is to blame for several attacks and suicide bombings. Anbar’s governor believes that Shiite religious authorities can save the situation. Analysis: The situation in Iraq is serious. The attacks and suicide bombings on the American embassy increase tensions in Iraq. The lack of coordination between American officials and militias, because of suspicions, means that the war will go on for a long period.

The humanitarian crisis is bound to intensify as innocent civilians seek place of safety. Clearly, Shiite militias are necessary in the war to assist the American military, just as they did with the Hussein case. In addition, the authority’s reluctance to allow families to Baghdad makes the situation worse because families continue to pile up at the border and the humanitarian situation becomes worse. The situation is just more than a religious case because officers and authorities look at it from a criminal point of view.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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