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ENGLISH LITERATURE Question1. In the Secret by Sakaguchi Ango, there are incidences as par the happenings in theSecond World War. Yajima remembers that he had a certain book that he repossesses after he returns from war. This is an evidence of the existence of a war. As he peruses the books, he comes across a mark that would have been used by his friend who apparently died during the war. This shows that, in the battlefield, some people were unlucky and did not return to their homeland. It is clear that a secret code is used to communicate to people.

Only the people involved in the planned agendas could read the code. This can be used too show the way people in the war kept their information secret. Yajima could comprehend because he had once worked in the editing division. It also shows that it took one a very long time to identify the secret in writing the codes. Question2. In the article sheep by Oe Kenzaburo, the young man and a few of other passengers could not have undergone such humiliation if they could understand Japanese.

They would have identified the meaning of the words the soldiers were using and probably have away to evade the shameful incident. The soldier felt that the boy was probably difficult, and decided to have him learn some lessons. The soldiers could communicate amongst themselves; hence, they could gang up and act together. Isa in the work by Kojima Nobua becomes popular simply because he acts as a translator in several meetings. He achieves this recognition because he has knowledge of both English and Japanese. Question 3Knowledge of the native language is extremely essential.

The fact that there is language diversity during the postwar occupancy in Japan, gives is a reason to become noticed. Although he is a shy man, he is required as a translator in several meetings. Question 4The story can be used to show that people are not to live forever. During their stay in the world, they should be aware that even the best of friends could betray one another. The author shows that a soldier had lived with a certain unit but as soon as he was infected, they abandoned him. Works citedLee, Leo Ou-fan.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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