Essays on Syrians Claim U.S Army Website Hack by Schwartz Mathew Article

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The paper "Syrians Claim U. S Army Website Hack by Schwartz Mathew" is an amazing example of an article on social science. In this article, the United s Army website was hacked. The Syrian electronic army (SEA) claimed that they were responsible for hacking the U. S army website. The website was hacked on June 8 and remained offline until 9th June. The Army spokesman claimed that the website was put offline in order to undergo repair after the incident. He further explained that they were doing their best to make sure that army data is safe and not accessed by a hacker and that is why the website was shut down until June 9th.

The Army claimed that the case was a form of cyber-vandalism but there was no case of interruption of information from central command. The hacker compromised the website for only 30 minutes. The SEA claims that it obtained relevant information about unlawful practices by the US army like training terrorists in Jordan and Turkey. SEA claims to publish more information obtained from the website latter (Schwartz 1).   Consequences to the Agency The security breach in this article is hacking.

U. S Army website was hacked and information about the planned operation obtained. Due to the incident, the website was shut down for a whole day. The US army website had to remain offline for one day and there was no communication. Military communication through the website was not available and this made it difficult for communication and command delivery on military bases. The information obtained exposed secrete behind the military operation. The military operation should be kept secret and the case in this article jeopardized the operation planned by the US Army.

SEA exposed secrets kept by the U. S Army (Schwartz 2). Lesson Learned From the article, the lesson learned is the issue of hacking (Schwartz 1). An individual should protect their websites and internet materials from hackers. Information Technology experts should be hired to take key measures to prevent hacking.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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