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The paper "Thomson Religion Newspapers Group in Canada" is a great example of management coursework.   This essay critiques into details the principal elements of a research study that was undertaken by Gregor Gall and was aimed to research on human resource policy management. The study was done in one of the subsidiary companies known as Thomson Religion newspapers group that is based in Canada. This company was suitable because it had just started the implementation of the policies in all its business. The article is obtained from research based on the industrial relations on the editorial area of retaining provincial newspaper (Gall, 1995, p.

43). The research methodology used by the researchers was face-to-face with the managers and employees of the company. Human resource management seeks to reduce and undermine the role of the trade unions as they emphasis on individualism. Individualism is against human resource management policies as it is evident in the article (Gall, 1995). It is evident from the study that the desire to practice human resource management policies is market-driven when there are competition and pressure brought about a desire to increase profits but cannot be done under normal circumstances (Guest, 1989, p. 23).

The policies are also implemented because of the need to maintain the best talent this is evident from the Edinburgh Evening news editor. It is also clear that the policies are implemented due to the power of the trade unions which make them increase their pay rates to level higher than the market rate (an assistant managing director) (Lawler & Boudreau, 2009). The research demonstrates that the employee communication system at the recognized centres has changed to direct between journalists and their supervisors.

Additionally, the editor has been backed up by the sub-companies of the company and the employees report directly to the management. Because of the implementation of the policies, the formal mechanism like the weekly departmental meetings have been scraped off, and doors meetings and approachable managers are the systems to be used (Gall, 1995, p. 47). From the article, Thomas regional newspaper has implemented a strategy to eliminate the influence of the National Union of Journalists as many newspaper groups have done (Gall, 1995, p.

45). It is also clear that the inducement of signing personal contracts in Thomas regional newspaper has been either a bonus in terms of cash or ineligibility of receiving the offered pay rise until when the contract has been signed (Gall, 1995, p. 46). This shows that management uses inappropriate methods to make the workers get into contracts with the company. The other method that is normally used according to the study is a reduction and curtailment of the existing arrangements of collective bargaining by way of condition positioning, unilateral charges, and refusing the union requests for negotiations and meetings (Gall, 1995, p . 46). The writer indicates that several centres had the formal recognition or derecognition statements on that matters of the collective representation, bargaining and consultation that did not accord with the actual state of deracination or recognition.

This is the reason that in the Thomas Regional Newspapers Group, there is a mixture of wages with conditions determinant through personal contract. In every Thomas Religion Newspaper Centre, there is a lot of non-replacement of the staff, and this has provoked strikes though no action has been taken in effect to that as evident from the article (Gall 1995).

This also happens to voluntary redundancies. In 1991, Thomson Quality Initiative (TQI) was formed and its main idea was that the staff should consider all the people they are dealing with as customers in the same way they would in the external paying clients. This is evident the new organization was determined to change the human resource management in the group (Gall, 1995, p . 49). This is where the National Union of Journalists pleaded with the company on the basis that if the company was ready to listen to the employees then it was acceptable for the union was involved.

However, the company was not willing to include the union in the talks (Armstrong, 2006, p. 19). Until 1987, Thomas Regional Newspapers Group was believed to pay some of the highest wages by journalists in the provincial sector. However, it turned out to be one of the lowest with the system of wage determination (Bratton & Gold, 2001, p. 49). At Belfast, since the year1988 all the wage rises have been set below the RPI while the people on personal contracts received a rise of 1-1.5% above this until the year1991.

It is evident that since that time all the non-executive journalists have got the same rise (Gall, 1995, p. 48). Research investigation methods used in the article The investigation methods used are undoubtedly effective when compared to the purpose and objectives that were aimed by the study. Some of the effective methods used are like face-to-face interviews, and questionnaires as displayed in the article (Gall 1995, p45).

It is with no doubt that the methods are the best because the study is detailed. Additionally, it utilized various theories from different types of sources expound deeper on the justification reasons on the importance of human resource management rather than leave them hanging without any supporting reasons. With these explanations, the study is more reliable as it gives highly detailed information on the issues that are at hand. The repeat of the study can be beneficial and remarkably easy as the study is already providing enough referencing, and information that can be used in the next study (Guest, 1989, p.


Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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