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Public Relations Campaign Plan for Deakin UniversitySituation AnalysisDeakin University has two campuses situated on either side of Elgar road. The two campuses are namely Burwood (which is experiencing a rapid population growth) and MBT campus. So in order to make the two campuses easily and safely accessible to its students, they have proposed to build a bridge which will connect the two campuses due to the growth of Elgar road potion campus as well. The University communications department has accessed the situation on the ground and found out that the Deakin University problems that need to be addressed are: The students, teachers, including people with special needs i. e.

the disabled ones and other people as well, are getting it difficult to safely cross the Elgar road while trying to access both the Burwood and MBT campuses while going on with their daily learning activities. Poor accessibility of University services and connection by the community. Steady population growth of the Burwood campus that call for building of a bridge. There are approximately 500 objections to the proposed plan from different quarters. Some of the park users of where the bridge will occupy also are worried about the creation of precedents for other businesses in the surrounding area.

The construction of the bridge will also degrade the environment at the time of its construction because roughly 115 trees will be uprooted to pave the way for the project. However they have to get a go-ahead permit from Whitehorse Council to let them proceed with the proposed bridge construction which is also a challenge to their success of implementing the plan. Goals and ObjectivesGoalsThe goals of Deakin University’s bridge construction plan are to make the two campuses easily and safely accessible to its growing population of the students, teachers and the community at large.

Connect and allow the community to access the University services. ObjectivesSafety measuresThe proposed construction of the bridge will provide the students, teachers and other people who will be using the bridge a safer means of crossing the road in that they will now be free from confrontation of the frequent passing and most probably over-speeding cars on the Elgar road. The construction plan will also comply with the federal disability rules and regulations. Time savingThe students, especially the ones with disability, will also have a much convenient time attending and switching classes since they will not be waiting by the roadside for the cars to pass or when the road is clear for them to safely cross on the other end of the campus.

Engage the surrounding community in the proposed projectThey will have to convince about 90% of the people living in the surrounding areas where the bridge will occupy that the project will also be of benefit to them.

The achievement of this objective will be measured by contacting the community opinion leaders, through the media press releases, billboards, newspapers and TV advertisements. Target PublicsAccording to the conducted research by the PR specialist, the below findings were gathered:

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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