Essays on Cost of Surveillance Intervention for TB in India Assignment

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The paper "Cost of Surveillance Intervention for TB in India" is a good example of an assignment on health sciences and medicine. The materials used in the surveillance will include sampling devices that identify superspreaders who spit out live TB bacteria. The devices will cost $3M. The materials used for surveillance will include the sampling devices and ordinary surveillance systems, such as case reporting in hospitals.   Second, training and educating the stakeholders about the subject matter is a prerequisite to addressing the problem of tuberculosis effectively. In this budget component, each person will be allocating $3,000 that will cater for accommodation, stipend, travel cost, training materials, and food.

The protection of healthcare providers is also important; therefore, the cost of earloop facemasks and those installed with satellite tracking will be a requirement. Simple disposable facemasks cost $5-10 for a pack of 50, however, the facemask with a satellite system and cough samplers is not available commercially, as it is being used in ongoing studies; therefore, the cost per mask is unknown (Voice of America, 2014). Reporting of cases on the field will be through mailing services, telephone, and the Internet.

This budget component for communication will cost $10,000 to cover any overloads that may occur. In addition, writing materials will cost $3 each and over 500 units will be required. The main screening technique used is sputum-smear, which should be offered as a health drive. Consequently, a conventional TB test normally costs around $60 per person. In addition, using first-line drugs in chemotherapy will be required. For requirement, the budget will cater for the cost of treating TB, which averages $30,000 (MDR TB) and $10, 845 for normal TB per person (Rajbhandary, Marks, & Bock, 2004, p.

1012). The cost includes the price of drugs, monitoring and hospitalization cost.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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