Essays on Marketing and Communication Issues Assignment

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The paper "Marketing and Communication Issues" is a great example of a Marketing Assignment. For a long time, automobile companies have taken advantage of you the consumer. This is because consumers have always been forced to make a choice between buying undesirable models. However, as a consumer, you now have a reason to smile because Chevy is determined to put a smile on your face. Chevrolet has been working hard to introduce a variety of new stylish world-class models for consumers to choose from. The Chevy design team has been working overboard to ensure that consumers will be spoilt for choice.

Therefore, these efforts will ultimately benefit you as the consumer. For instance, the interior of all of Chevy's models is designed to guarantee your comfort. The interior is made from luxurious materials that are finely crafted. This ensures that Chevy's interior establishes a striking degree of style and sophistication which guarantees will guarantee you unrivaled comfort. From the touch of the finest leather in the seats and decorative inlays made of quality wood. Therefore, Chevy as a company holds nothing back to guarantee you luxury every time you are driving, or you are in a Chevy. . b.

Second Tumblr post We are living at a time when we are concerned with the state of our environment, particularly about global warming. Human activities have been blamed for the rise in global temperatures. Carbon emissions from automobiles have been blamed for the rising global temperature. Just like our clients, Chevrolet is also committed to the fight against global warming. This is because we understand the value of saving our planet so that our children will find a safe and habitable planet.

Moreover, most clients are also concerned with the fuel consumption of their vehicles. With fluctuating oil prices clients prefer owning fuel-efficient vehicles since they are economical. It is for this reason that Chevrolet is committed to combating global warming and manufacturing vehicles that are economical for the consumer. As a consumer, Chevy is the best option for you since it is committed to solving these problems. Chevy has invested heavily in developing fuel-efficient cars. This is in line with consumer expectations since consumers want to spend less on fuel.

Moreover, Chevrolet is embracing going green by embracing the use of green energy. This is evidenced by the manufacturer of electric cars. c. Third, Tumblr post Chevrolet is committed to competitive pricing. This is because customers should be able to buy quality cars that are affordable. Therefore, Chevrolet is determined to adopt competitive pricing strategies. However, this does not mean that Chevrolet cars will the cheapest in the market. This is due to the basic fact that pricing a quality goes hand in hand.

A case in point, Chevrolet cannot downgrade the quality of its cars in an attempt to make its cars cheaper. Competitive pricing applies to Chevrolet in the sense that customers do not require to pay a fortune to own a quality car. Instead, the pricing strategy is one that takes care of both the quality of the car and its affordability. It is for this reason that as a consumer you should buy Chevrolet because you will be earning value for your money. This is because at a competitive price you are guaranteed quality and perfection.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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